From the pages of I RVing: Winter 2023

Sharing a Southwest Secret

Truth or Consequences is New Mexico’s perfect snowbird RV oasis. Just don’t tell anyone.

How a town names itself Truth or Consequences and still remains a secret has to be one of life’s minor mysteries, but it’s not without its benefits. This little New Mexico town has a friendly but not overwhelming population around 8,000. There are RV parks galore. But best of all, there are lots of fun things to do to fill those winter months—from soaking it up in nature’s very own hot tub to fishing in the desert sunshine (as opposed to whatever it is that’s happening.


Winters in the New Mexico desert are mild, dry, and covered in sunlight. But the local sweet spot is the perfect temperature adjuster—the hot spring. (In fact, Hot Springs used to be the name of the town, but, you know, there’s more than one of those.) With temperatures from 98 to 115 degrees, the hot thermal waters here are happily stirred by snowbirds and locals alike.


Between the mild weather and breathtaking landscape, there are lots of great places to stretch your legs. Whether that’s heading south to see the eerie sandscape of White Sands National Park, or west to the mountains and mesas of the Gila National Forest, you won’t be disappointed. The views in every direction are absolutely arresting—just be sure to bring lots of water.


Wouldn’t be much of an oasis without water, right? Well, there is water aplenty. Elephant Butte Lake (a reservoir) is 43-miles in length. And while Winter may not be the best season to take a dip (even in New Mexico), it is a great time to fish. There are three marinas, and the water is full of bass, crappie, blue gill, walleye, and catfish. In other words, bring your tackle box.


What if we told you that there was a place in the middle of the New Mexico desert that was closed to walk-in visitors? You’d probably say Roswell. (Which is just a little over 200 miles to the east.) But while Roswell and all of its mystery is owned by—gasp—THE GOVERNMENT, we’re talking about Spaceport America, which is commercially owned and open to private tours. Take one!


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