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Rental Gymnastics

4 savvy tips to make renting your RV pay off.

Your RV is magnificent! Like a blazing chariot of freedom—when it’s on the road. But if you’re in a season of life where you can’t use it as much, it can feel less awesome. There’s the driveway space it takes up. And the expenses that come along with it, like registration, maintenance, and repairs. It sure would be nice if it could pay a little rent. You know, to help the team. While making some extra dough with your RV puts it back in the awesome category, we have to admit: It can be a little daunting. But truth be told, it doesn’t have to be. Follow these four tips, and you’ll be back in the fun column.


It can be a bit terrifying to rent out your home away from home. Will the renters care for it? What if something disastrous happens, like a wreck or a plumbing issue? Just stop. There’s no need to let your imagination run wild. Get insurance and make sure it’s fully insured for renters. (Most RV insurance plans are only for the owner.) Roamly, for example, offers RV insurance that covers both.


Renters (like all mankind) are like fish. They like shiny. So post nice photos of the exterior (in good light from a high or low angle) and interior (focusing on its unique features). That’s step one. Step two is don’t slack off on your write-up. Make your rates easy to find and RV specs (like how many it sleeps) easy to read. Give it some personality then read back and ask, “Would I rent this?”


You might be wondering, “How will renters find me?” The answer is simple: Go where they go—to RV rental websites. You have loads of options to choose from, including Indie Campers, RVshare, Outdoorsy, or Campanda. All of which allow you to rent directly to customers with minimal hassle. But you’re also not entirely on your own. Companies, like RVshare, also offer expert advice if you need it.


This might be our favorite part. While someone is out enjoying your rig (and paying you to enjoy it), why not take the opportunity to go on an adventure of your own in an RV you’ve always dreamed about? Down the line, this can help you figure out if you’re ready to move up, downsize, or change configurations. But in the now, it’s just a fun way to expand your horizons.


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