From the pages of I RVing: Spring 2022

Release the Hounds!

DOGS CAN MAKE ANYTHING AN ADVENTURE. But some spots just beg for a special outing—because they not only welcome pups, they celebrate them. Here are four of our
favorites for any double-dog-daring canines out there.

Catch the Dog Walk

Parked just seven miles north of downtown Portland, JANTZEN BEACH packs both a beach vibe and the traditional Pacific Northwest essence de la vie. In a city with more dog parks per capita than any other, you won’t have to look far for more four-legged friends. Nor will you have to try hard to find dog-friendly dining, with restaurants like the Tin Shed Garden Café, which gives Fido his own menu to paw-ruse.

Sniff Out a Parade

If your dog is confident and composed enough to be in a crowd, parades can be a sensory wonderland of sights and sniffs. They’re also a great excuse to spend time outdoors. Just be sure to consider whether fireworks are part of the deal. If so, vamoose prior to kickoff. SMALL TOWNS from sea to shining sea will have parades for the Fourth of July, the perfect time to come together—both man and his best friend.


Unleash on the Lake

Spring’s the perfect time for splashy fun. And while many lake areas require a leash, some, like NORMAL F KRUSE PARK in Muskegon, Michigan, let dogs run unencumbered in the water. (So bring some floating retrieval toys.) Famously Fido-friendly, the park doesn’t have RV parking on site, but there are several in the area, including the highly rated Duck Creek RV Resort just 25 minutes down the road.

Lie Down Overnight

There are a growing number of pet-friendly breweries and restaurants around, and a great way to check one out is through HARVEST HOSTS, a membership organization that connects members with RV-friendly locations that let you overnight for free. With 680 wineries and restaurants available, and an option to search for pet-friendly locations, the right spot is easy to find and curl up in.


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