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Pushing Through the Peach State

Music Sweeps Across the Campground

With live music seven nights a week and the hospitality you’d expect from Nashville, the Grand Old RV Resort is both a launching point band destination for travelers. On Page 49, read about the campground where music plays at twilight and the resort treats you like family.


Navigate your northbound journey through Georgia to hit the sweet spots and steer clear of Atlanta traffic.


on Florida’s sunny coastline, but winter is gone, and spring is past. Now it’s time to cut back into the mainland to see the country. Whether Nashville’s country music paradise is your destination (see Page 49) or you’re just sprinting north while you can, you’ll likely have to cut through Georgia. Interstate 75 slices through the Peach State like a knife— and yes, my friend, there is a hard pit in the center: Atlanta traffic. Here’s everything you need to know to negotiate the road ahead.

Atlanta Traffic Laws and Patterns

Atlanta has a reputation for a lot of great things: incredible sports venues, history-rich soil, international travel, and a vibrant art scene. You’ll note traffic is not on this list. And while the City is a Southeastern icon, it’s more akin to the Wild West on the road, which frankly makes Georgia’s Hands-Free law an applicable bit of legislation. What that means for you is this: You can’t hold your cell phone or support it with your body while driving. (Not even in your lap.)

You can, however, push one button, which means a Bluetooth sync or cellphone mount are essential if you need to use your phone to navigate or make calls while driving. Also, remember how we mentioned Atlanta was known for sports? That can also affect traffic—in a big way. We recommend checking the athletic schedule, especially for Atlanta Braves baseball in the summer.

Timing Your Atlanta Approach

Sweep through Atlanta like a pro—and leave a rush hour to the chumps. Steer away from the city’s typical rush hours, 8 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m., and your sanity will be better for it.

Bugg Banner Below the Gnat Line

Not only are bugs and debris a nuisance while you travel, but they can also cause permanent damage to paint jobs. (And till you get to Macon, you’re driving under Georgia’s infamous “Gnat Line.”) Bugg Banner protects your rig from insects, diesel fuel, and other small particles that you encounter on the road. Once you are parked, it can be easily washed and reinstalled prior to your next trip.

A Reward for Escaping Atlanta Traffic

Enjoy the novelty of ordering from the original 1946 Truett Cathy menu at the Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House (one of only six). You’ll get back to the road soon enough—there’s no dine-in. Just don’t show up on a Sunday.

A Learning Adventure for the Kids

Sneak in a little learning for the kids at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, where you can scout the swamp for gators in one of the country’s coolest ecosystems. The kids won’t even notice they’re learning.




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