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One Red-Hot Handle

Talking with the RVers we love and follow on social media

We’ve seen the best that RV life has to offer. That much is certain after following Jodie and Kory, aka @jokotravels, on Instagram. And we love it. (Even when we’re a bit green with envy.) Hot off their handle, this photogenic tandem, and their equally camera-friendly beagle give us a glimpse behind Instagram’s proverbial curtain. Here are some of @jokotravels’ favorite moments—and their future plans for life on the road.

Favorite place you’ve taken your RV

We went back and forth on this one. It’s hard to pick just one! But we agreed that Moab, Utah would absolutely be our favorite. The scenery, the hikes, even skydiving—it was all incredible and a trip we will always remember.

Favorite time to celebrate on the road

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to celebrate many holidays in the RV. Yet. Since we travel for work, we always come home for the holidays to be with family. But a fun celebration we’ve
had was my twenty-ninth birthday! We were in Kanab, Utah, and went to Zion, Coral Sand Dunes, and Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon!

Most embarrassing RV moment

Getting stuck in the sand at Lone Rock Beach. It was already such a stressful travel day, and we were warned not to go too far down and chanced it anyway. Even with all these signs, we went for it, and—surprise!—we were stuck. Kory dug us out with one of those yellow leveling blocks, while everyone on the beach watched this very embarrassing moment! We eventually got ourselves
unstuck and ended up having the best time at Lone Rock Beach!


Next destination

We aren’t sure! With Kory’s job as a radiographer on the pipeline, we never know where we will end up. If we were to choose our next location/vaca tion, it would absolutely be the northern
West Coast. We’ve had Oregon at the top of our list for years!




Talk about committing to the nomad life! Rocio and Gabe named their Class B Vinny. They have a dog named Journey. And they travel coast to coast. One thousand points!


Scrolling the Virtual Campground

WHY WE LOVE IT: Umm … because their RV renovations are so beautiful, you can’t even tell it’s a home on wheels. Seriously, could you tell? Could you?




Relationship goal: Basically be like Scott and Tay. From Utah to New England, they’re always having fun.



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