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One Red-Hot Handle: @campingwithdogs

Talking with the campers we love and follow on social media We love to be reminded that we don’t deserve dogs. Which is why we’re crazy about @campingwithdogs. Their Instagram account has grown into a wildly photogenic community who shares a passion for dogs, the outdoors, and off-the-scale cuteness. They also offer great advice for taking Rover on the road, and even partner with local rescues to help match dogs with the perfect owner. Take a look at their aww-inspiring photos on Instagram and discover loads of great pup merch—from T-shirts to dog gear at CampingWithDogs.com.

Why dogs are perfect for camping

@campingwithdogs Exploring the outdoors builds a stronger connection between dog and owner and gives both parties an outlet. Whether it’s the comforting feeling of having your dog beside you on a major hike or cuddling at night in a tent during a weekend camping trip, dogs provide unmatched companionship outdoors. Exercise, tough terrain, and quality time all create strong bonds.

Best dog-friendly adventures

We believe there is no such thing as a bad adventure with your dog, but some of our favorite spots are dog-friendly national parks and trails. We launched a collection of National Park T-shirts in 2021 that focused on our favorite dog-friendly national parks. Our top four are Acadia in Maine, Hot Springs in Arkansas, the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, and the Grand Canyon. These spots offer a wide variety of hiking and camping opportunities across many different areas of the country.

The secret behind a great dog photo

Some of our favorite shots to show off are pictures with scenic views. There’s nothing like acknowledging the beauty of our planet, and we love to see where our followers are exploring. We also can’t pass up a dog picture with a lot of personalities. Bring on the funny faces, paw-fives, and dogs being silly—because sometimes all we really need is something to bring a smile to our face.

How to submit a photo (asking for a friend)

Share photos and videos with us through DMs and tag our account in photos. Additionally, we have a campaign called #MyDogStory where we showcase how an owner and their dog came to find each other, and what got them into exploring together. We want to share the joy of dog ownership with everyone and continue to encourage people to spend time outdoors with their dogs.

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Scrolling the Virtual Campground



Who says you can’t camp with cats?! Not these guys. If you prefer Felix over Fido, then this is the account for you.


Sure, @rvtrader makes viewing, buying, and selling RVs easy. But we follow them mostly to gawk at their amazing setups.


If you’re looking for the best place to find a big mouth, then watch these fishermen bust their (b)ass to show you their favorite fishing holes.


If you’re looking for the best place to find a big mouth, then watch these fishermen bust their (b)ass to show you their favorite fishing holes.


We always love RV renos, but we especially love how Jamie and Lindsey specialize in turning old lemons into one-of-a-kind rides.


It’s lovely when an RV couple takes us along for the ride! And Rebekah and Jared are taking us south of the border. (Not Taco Bell.)



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