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One Red-Hot Handle

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Once upon a time, Hutch and Shari were educators living that university life. But when Hutch came home one day, he learned that Shari had already bought a trailer. Laughing, he says her message was clear: “I’m leaving, and you’re invited.” So began their great solar adventure, launching a life with way more freedom and a lot less stuff. Dubbing their canned ham camper “Hamlet,” @freedom.in.a.can was born. Ten years later, from the Alaskan North to the Arizona desert, they’re educating campers to live freer on solar everywhere.

Get all their sage advice on going solar at FreedomInACan.com and on YouTube.

Opening the #CanLife

Together, we remodeled our trailer, downsized our home, rented it out, and gave or sold most of our stuff and hit the road. We thought it would be for a year. Or a year and a half. Now we’ve just had our tenth nomadiversary!

How Hamlet Came to Be

How Hamlet Came to Be Long. He’s a very small, lightweight trailer that can park anywhere. The character of this quirky trailer is our own—with a nice ‘50ish vibe to it, like the black-and-white checkered floor. The size helps us live more outside. And that’s intentional. We also wanted something small enough that we could easily run on solar.

Making the Most of Solar

We have been on solar for the whole ten years. All of our electronics fit under one of our dinette seats. Our 12V fridge actually runs off our alternator. One of our biggest bits of advice is figuring out what it is that you need. Can you do something in a different way? Like using your stove instead of a microwave. Streaming shows off your laptop instead of a flatscreen. Using a French press instead of a coffee maker. You rely on a few simple things to serve multiple functions. It doesn’t mean going without.

Northern Highlights from Alaska

While we were at Glacier Bay National Park, we saw more aquatic mammals than we’d seen anywhere in our life— whales and seals coming in very close to the shore where we were camping. We had a humpback whale come up for breath within 20 feet of our boat. We were the only ones around!

Favorite Desert Oasis

We love this little mountain range to the east of Phoenix called the Superstition Mountains. It’s the best little secret. Very close to a major metropolitan area, but it feels a million miles away. There’s great hiking, opportunities for paddling, and fishing. It’s just a beautiful, stunning dry desert place to get away.

Scrolling the Virtual Campground


Because corgis—like RVs—can go all-in on all weather. From Big Bend to Jackson Hole, Georgie has seen it all.


Who doesn’t like the idea of warm air and bright beaches in winter? Also, parking at Destin West RV Resort means you have RV ninjas—like Berry— on call.


Parking on frozen lakes, drilling through ice, and yanking up giant fish may not be for all of us, but it’s undeniably awesome.






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