From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2022

Campers Adapt to Rising Gas Prices

ALTHOUGH TODAY’S ROADSCAPE enjoys more RVs than ever, 2022’s rising gas prices have taken a toll on travel plans around the country. When war broke out in Ukraine last February, the
the national average per gallon at the pump rose from $3.61 to $4.32 in March, according to the U.S Energy Information Administration. In response, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded contracts for 30 million barrels of oil released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, as an effort to help stabilize gas prices across the country. Even so, the price tag for a summer RV trip remains much higher than in 2021. And RVers around the country are adapting. According to an RV Industry Association (RVIA) spokesperson speaking with Fox 17 WSBT in Nashville, the rising prices aren’t expected to keep RVs off the road. However, they do expect travelers to limit how far they may go. Which could increase intrastate travel and state parks visitation. Whether campers explore more local options, or damn the costs and head out cross-country, the camper community always finds a way to keep its passion in the fast lane.

Rally Promotes Newbie 101

This fall, the Alliance RV Owners Group is making it easier than ever for new RV owners to train up to take their RV on the road. Launching its first-ever owner empowerment rally, Alliance RV will offer an RV Fundamentals class for Alliance buyers at the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas. “This course is designed to help RV owners address 80 percent of the issues they are likely to encounter with their RVs,” explains Rob Boyer with Alliance RV. Upon completion of the 40-hour class, participants will have the skills to troubleshoot key RV systems, from electrical to propane to plumbing and beyond.

Yogi Bear Goes Green and Gives Back

The Jellystone Parks—home to the famous cartoon personality Yogi Bear— are taking steps to secure environmentally-friendly adventures for their guests. All parks now implement paperless check-ins and recycling stations. And some parks are going further: A Jellystone Park in New York recycled over 90,000 cans, which enabled it to raise $6,500 for families in need.

Winnebago Grants Big Wishes for Kids

As electric vehicle ownership increases, some states, like Utah and Oregon, have turned to an alternative tax for electric vehicles: vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax. A VMT tax requires drivers
of electric vehicles to report the number of miles traveled so the state can impose a tax proportional to the distance. While other states, like Washington, have balked at privacy implications in tracking individual vehicles, VMT taxes represent a desire for states to recover revenue lost from gas taxes.


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