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Big Bend National Park American Vista

THROUGH WATER-CARVED CANYONS The Rio Grande cuts its way like a steady mud-green snake, patient and strong. The river’s work speaks for itself. Big Bend National Park hosts some of the country’s most iconic landscapes. The red flanks of the Chisos mountains are covered with green cacti, agave, and Ponderosa pine. Limestone canyons scowl with mighty rock faces carved by shallow rivers. And you won’t easily find a sunset or night sky that compares with Big Bend—whether you’re driving the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive or tent camping on the mesa.

Stargazing at Balanced Rock

Let’s be clear about two things. First, the drive up the gravely trail of Grapevine Hills is as slow as it is uncomfortable. Second, your magnificent view of the Milky Way above Balanced Rock will be worth it. Easily.

Nearest Parking Lot Coordinate

29° 24′ 38″ N
103° 12′ 27″ W

Magnificent Views from the Chisos

Some of the most arresting views in Big Bend National Park are looking up, down, and around the mighty Chisos Mountains. The Basin Loop Trail is perfect to take them on. It will give you the
elevated pictures you’re looking for, but it’s relatively easy and only takes an hour to hike.

Nearest Parking Lot Coordinate

29° 16′ 12” N
103° 18′ 04″ W

Ruins of the Mariscal Mine.

Once the wellspring of nearly a quarter of the nation’s mercury production, the mine closed in 1943. Even so, it’s still a lot of fun to walk around, see, and imagine what the grueling work there must have been like.

Nearest Parking Lot Coordinate

29° 05′ 50″ N
103° 11′ 05″ W

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