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Ask Nate

Seasoned camper. Range Rover enthusiast. Wayne Knight lookalike. He’s done it all—from leading luxury camping tours in Puerto Rico to sharing cabin space with a tortoise (his name’s Sebastian). But best of all, Nate’s an RVer you can level with. And he’s going coast-to-coast and north-to-south with I Heart RVing to review the best RV gear and share the best hacks, to hear your wackiest stories and answer your toughest questions—all on video to make your camping experience more immersive, more convenient, and more fun! So, if you have a burning question (we know you do), a friendly camper debate you need to settle (there’s always one), or a new piece of gear you want to spy before you buy (very smart), you know what to do: Ask Nate!

Ask Nate Camper Q&A, Gear Reviews, and More

START WATCHING NATE’S GEAR REVIEWS Now, as much as we love you, Nate’s not just waiting around to get rolling. Watch his very first gear reviews on our brand new I Heart RVing YouTube channel. He tests out Beyond the Black Stump’s kitchen utensil organizer. And he turns up the heat on Pit Command’s new fire-pit tool. Every review gives you the know-how to level up your outdoor experience.

Send Nate Your Question

Fire off an email to [email protected] with your question or mention #AskNate on social media. Nate will answer the very best ones on YouTube and social media.

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