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Hidden in the Northwest corner of Montana, Glacier National Park shows the height, beauty, and grandiose power of nature. Shaped by glaciers and covered in wildlife, the park spans over a million acres of land and offers 700 miles of trails to explore. Take a look at our favorite views.



The Serenity of Baring Falls. Dropping 25 feet from a stone ledge, Baring Creek pours down from the Sunrift Gorge into Saint Mary Lake. Nearest Parking Lot Coordinate:

48º 67’ 85″ N 113º 59’ 55” W



Hiking Through Logan Pass. At an elevation of 6,647 feet, Logan Pass sets travelers on the Continental Divide in an open landscape flush with beauty and active wildlife. Nearest Parking Lot Coordinate: 48º 69’ 66” N 113º 71’ 82” W


Forging Your Own Path Across a Glacier-Carved Landscape

Mountain trails offer stunning views of geologic grandeur. Glacier-fed lakes like Grinnell Lake (top right) and Lake McDonald (above, bottom left) lay like giant, blue-green gemstones across the landscape. Visitors can expect to spot local wildlife, like mountain goats, bighorn sheep, elk, bears, and bald eagles in their natural habitat. While some spectacular views can be seen from an RV, Glacier National Park’s greatest treasures will be found on foot, making it important for RVers to plan routes and parking spots ahead of time.


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