From the pages of I RVing: Winter 2024

A Clever Turnaround

Look at you springing up to see the Great White North thaw out and uncover its natural treasures.

The snowbird southbound migration from Canada to Miami is much documented. (Exhibit A: Um, this issue.) But come Spring, when the Great White North is shaking the snow off its shaggy mane, the vast Canadian landscape resurrects in brilliant greens and explosions of life. And everyone perfecting their tans down south will miss it. But not you. Canada has border cities by the dozen, but our top pick is Vancouver.


Less than an hour north of the Washington State border up Interstate 5, you’ll find the Capilano RV Park. With full hookups, lots of amenities, and unparalleled proximity to Vancouver itself, the perfect home base to explore British Columbia be that the Capilano Suspension Bridge (a must-see), whale-watching (yes, please), or the glories of the Wild Pacific Trail (a five-hour day trip away). As the weather warms, you’ll also find yourself in striking distance (526 miles) of the breathtaking beauties of Banff a bucket list experience.

I Heart TIPS

Yes, Canada is our next-of-kin neighbor. Yes, you can RV across the border. And yes, you still need a passport. Check here to get a good checklist from Progressive of everything you should think about before you make your big move north.


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