A New Way to Shade Your RV Patio

Magne Screen - Awning Drop Shade

RV enthusiasts want the best in awning drop system and now they got it!

Magne Screen™ allows you to simply raise the shade up with a telescoping rod and let the power of rare earth magnets do the rest. Once the Magne Screen™ awning drop shade is installed, you can relax, enjoy relief from the heat, or watch TV outside without a glare. Made for all types of RVs, the Magne Screen™ awning drop system is the highest quality awning drop shade on the market. With ultra lightweight fabric, installation is a breeze. Each shade has tethers on the ends which allows it to be staked down at a slight angle, giving you room for a proper outside living area.

And to boot, all products by Magne Shade™ are made in the United States out of their two North Carolina manufacturing facilities.

What if my automatic awning closes unexpectedly?

Magne Screen™ is designed to detach from your RV awning in the event of an automatic closure due to the tethers incorporated on the shade system. Ensure that the awning shade is properly fastened to a suitable anchor so that when the awning retracts, the Magne Screen can gently release itself from your RV awning before it fully closes. Magne Screen™ is the only awning drop system on the market that is able to release itself from an automatic RV awning.

Why we love it:

  • Installs from the ground without a ladder
  • High quality & custom to your RV
  • Works with automatic awnings
  • Detaches itself when awning retracts

How do I order?

For ordering please call Magne Shade™ directly at (336)-753-0905.

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