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Work Remote Like a Boss

6 professional tools to help promote success and prevent disaster as you work from your RV

IN JUST THREE YEARS, the national work landscape has experienced seismic change. Once bound by the office and moth-ridden 9 to 5 workday, the workplace has since been liberated. Tech is wireless. Meetings are on video conferencing apps. And remote work is a national norm, instead of an exception. But anyone who has worked on the road can tell you one thing for sure: It has its advantages, but it is still work. And in an RV especially, it takes work to make it work. After all, you’re dealing with factors that most office-goers and remote workers at home don’t have.
You want everything to be as reliable as possible. Especially the gear that supports you. Fortunately, these six products will help you work like a boss, wherever you park the office.

Winegard® Connect™ 2.0 Wi-Fi & 4G LTE

Make no mistake: Wi-Fi is the lifeblood of your remote office. We simply can’t emphasize this enough. When you’re reliant on Wi-Fi, hoping that the campground has a strong signal is an invitation for disappointment. You need certainty. You need a safeguard. You need Winegard. A two-in-one hotspot and internet booster, Winegard Connect also maximizes your speed and extends your range.

weBoost Drive Reach Cell Phone Booster

Sorry to break it to if you didn’t already know this, but the signal frequencies for Wi-Fi and cell phones are radically different. Which means you need a booster for both. The weBoost Drive Reach enables you to maintain a quality signal, so you can make important work calls from anywhere, without worrying about geography. Reliably make your call when and where you need to, moving or parked.

Hughes Autoformers 50 Amp Bluetooth Surge Protector

A smart surge protector can flat-out save your butt. Hooking up to shore power, while convenient, comes with a risk. If there’s a heavy jolt, you could lose any-and-all of your electronics. (This happens more than we like to think about.) But this smart surge protector detects power abnormalities and preemptively shuts your power down before any damage can be done. So, if you’re wondering whether a surge protector is worth the splurge, consider this: The Hughes Autoformers 50-Amp Bluetooth model has five stars on Amazon … and over 2,000 ratings.

Bose QuietComfort® 45 Headphones

Campgrounds can be noisy places. And the people in your RV can be too—especially if they’re tiny, little rascals that never worked a day in their whole life. Keep the background noise in the background for your conference calls with these Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones. They’re wireless, smart, professional, supremely comfortable, and give you premium sound control. (After the meeting, you might just leave them on and not tell the kids that the meeting’s over.)

Roost V3 Laptop Stand

Sometimes you want a solution that works with what you already have. Sure, we all love pictures of custom remote working renos, but you may not have the energy to do them. Or the space. The Roost V3 laptop stand is perfect for you. Order it. Get it. Set it on a flat surface. The small but sturdy stand secures your laptop and puts you eye to eye-with your screen, which greatly improves your posture.

Flash Furniture Reception Chair with Flip-Up Arms

Let’s keep this simple: When you work from home, you want a chair on wheels; when your home is on wheels, you don’t. What you really need while working in your RV is a firm, comfortable, stable chair that doesn’t take up too much space. Our choice is the Reception Chair by Flash Furniture. Flip-up arms add optional comfort and can save space. The sled base is stable but responsive when pushed. But what we might love most is that the ergonomic cantilever design gives good lumbar support and allows you to rock.




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