Traversing the Championship Season

Planning your RV trip can take many forms. You can crisscross the country for national monuments, zigzag your way through national parks, or set a course for cities on your bucket list a couple at a time. But this is a special time of year, and with it comes an opportunity to plan your travel a little differently.

This is the season where champions are made. Hockey, basketball, golf, horse racing, motor racing, and others are all reaching their climaxes within weeks of one another. Celebration is in the air. Trophies, confetti, and shouts of victory are—and will be—dominating pockets of the country. And with an RV, you have the chance to see it all.

The Stanley Cup Final: Vegas vs. Florida

The 2023 NHL showdown is proof that Canada and the northern states do not have a monopoly on being the best at winter sports. This year, the young Vegas Golden Knights face off against the Florida Panthers, both chasing their first ever Stanley Cup victory. The gold-and-gray-clad skaters finished the season at the top of their division—their third time doing so since their start in 2017. But they have fierce competition ahead. Their south Florida opponents have conducted a magnificent playoff run, edging past Boston and Carolina—both division winners themselves. As of this writing, Vegas has already claimed victory in Games 1 and 2, but there are at least two (and hopefully five) games left to duke out.

There are three ways to watch this icy battle: in Las Vegas, in Miami, or in the comfort of your RV with DISH Outdoors.

The RV Park at Circus Circus is a 10-minute drive from the Golden Knight’s castle at T-Mobile Arena. It’s the only RV Park on the Las Vegas Strip (hello, casinos!), and it includes a pool, hot tub, a pet run, showers, and laundry.

If you’re rooting for the red and gold, you’ll find a temporary home at Markham Park in Sunrise, FL. Just a 12-minute drive from the Panther’s Den (FLA Live Arena), you can also enjoy a shooting range, a dog park, an RC airfield, and biking trails.

What if your plans are already set, and your destination is neither Las Vegas nor the greater Fort Lauderdale area? Fear not, for the marvels of the 21st century are your savior. With DISH Outdoors, you can watch these two teams face off from anywhere, thanks to the DISH Tailgator Pro satellite. At 8 pounds, it’s light enough to bring anywhere, and with automatic signal finding, the set-up process is, well, automatic. It’ll find its own signal and BAM! You’re watching the Stanley Cup Finals live. No Wi-Fi or cell signal needed. And the best part: Pay-As-You-Go plans. Instead of a wasteful and costly contract, you need only pay for the time you’re actually using your DISH Outdoors satellite. Ideal, ain’t it?

The NBA Finals: Denver vs. Miami

Despite their five visits to the Conference Finals, 2023 is the first year the Denver Nuggets have ever made it to the NBA Finals in their 47-year NBA history. Up against them are the Miami Heat, NBA Finals veterans seeking their fourth title. As of this posting, the Nuggets are up one game on Jimmy Butler and the Heat, who just managed to hold off the Celtics after Boston led an almost historic NBA comeback.

So, where to watch the basketball event of the year go down?

Option one is Miami. The Florida Panthers and the Miami Heat don’t exactly play down the street from one another, but their stadiums are just a breezy 40 minutes apart, which gives you lots of leeway in your campground search. If basketball is more your thing, Kampgrounds of America has you covered with a spot in Hollywood, FL with patios and full hookups. This KOA spot is 20 minutes from both Kaseya Center and the FLA Live Arena, homes of the Heat and Panthers, respectively.

For option two, you can park your rig 15 minutes south of Ball Arena in Denver at Flying Saucer RV Park, “a relaxed, low-key campground.” Choose from full hookups or rough it at one of their premium sites. Keep in mind, they do not take advance reservations—you’ve got to call ahead and ask about space day-of.

Option three is—you guessed it—anywhere you are with a DISH Outdoors satellite and Pay-As-You-Go plan.

The U.S. Open

The “toughest test in golf” will be held, for the first time in 75 years, in Los Angeles at The Los Angeles Country Club. This major is typically held at some of the most challenging courses in the United States, and it’s where top swingers often perform at their best. As of this writing, potential contestants are competing at qualifying tournaments around the world for the remaining six spots. Tee-off is Thursday, June 15th.

You can watch the pros hit those gorgeous drives from nearby: Hollywood RV Park offers full hookups, and it’s situated perfectly between The Los Angeles Country Club (22 minutes away) and a course of your own at Rustic Canyon (33 minutes away). The family-owned park creates a relaxing respite, which you may need, depending on how your own golf game goes.

Or you can watch every putt from afar with a DISH Tailgator Pro and a Pay-As-You-Go plan from DISH Outdoors.

No matter where you are for 2023’s championship season, you can ensure that every play, putt, basket, lap, or goal is unmissable. Get set up with $50 off any DISH Outdoors antenna bundle. Learn More at DISHOutdoors.com.

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