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V-Lectric FAT PRO Two Fat Tire eBike Carrier

Easy to install and convenient to access. This is one great rack

LET’S GO AERO DELIVERS an extra tough double bike rack built especially for the girth of fat bikes. It’s beefy enough to receive the extra weight of their e-bike versions, and its convenient sliding mechanism makes it one of the nimblest racks on the market.

There aren’t many bike racks that can be installed on a pickup truck that still allow for the tailgate to be completely opened. The V-Lectric FAT PRO does. Its super slick slide-out function adds a full 22.5 inches when fully extended, providing almost 50 inches of clearance from the hitch to the big V-shaped mount meaning you’ll have access to the back end of whatever you’ve hung it off of. At around $800 bucks retail, it’s not for the faint of heart or weak of wallet, but you’re not going to hang your $7,000 QuietKat Jeep 1000W monster of an e-bike on a $100 bike mount. You’re going to put it on this one, which is rated for 75 pounds per bicycle, stacked on the GMC award-winning TwinTube® platform mount, and packed with Zero-G bike freeze technology, all of which makes this monster as sturdy as it is easy to install.

Easy Access Around Back

We can’t say enough about how convenient the sliding feature is, making it convenient to access the rear door, hatch, or compartment of whatever it’s trailing behind.

Heavy Duty Handling

The extra weight of most eBikes will make normal racks wobble at every bump. This one gladly accepts whatever load (officially 75 pounds or less) you entrust it with.

A Powerful Grip

This rack isn’t just about its ability to carry weight. It’s also about its grip on the load, which comes from an exceptionally sturdy, four-point attachment system.

Snappy Installation

Designed for a standard 2-inch receiver, assembly and installation was a snap. Easy on, easy off. You’ll be up and running (and then biking) in no time.

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