A Third-Generation Family RV Business’ Key to Success

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Recreation by Design, a third-generation family-run RV business, has called the railyard in Elkhart County, IN home for over forty years. And in those forty years, the company has withstood its share of economic challenges. But they have a key to success: quickly adapt and respond to what the consumers are demanding.

Recreation by Design, better known as RBD, has carved out niches in the entertainment and amusement industries. And when general lifestyles began to change in 2020—requiring new products to fit those changes—RBD responded by launching Bay Point and Navigation, two very successful trailers that have allowed people to work and live remotely.

The Bay Point model line is especially geared toward long-term and full-time living. The trailer's interior features a modern design with high-quality finishes and a range of amenities, including a fully-equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a bedroom with a full-sized bed (54”) and an open (but very cozy) living area, complete with a carpet and foam pad covering the floor and a large flat-screen TV on the wall.

The Bay Point model lines comes in five floorplans, and since RDB is a factory direct company, customers have the final decision on design, décor and equipment options, including furniture vinyl, carpet and curtain colors, tile and counter styles, wall board, and cabinets. It’s almost like working with a contractor to design your dream home, but on wheels and the contractor is a family-run business. And even if it’s not your dream home, that’s okay too! The Bay Point models work just as well for weekend warriors or long-term residents.

The highlight of the Navigation models is the space. The images below are real—these trailers look and feel like homes. And they’re built for a price most manufacturers can’t beat. On the extriors of Navigation models, you’ll find an aerodynamic design, LED lighting, and a large pass-through storage compartment. Inside, the NV1 features a fully-equipped kitchen with a stainless steel refrigerator, a comfortable bedroom with a queen-sized bed, and a bathroom with a shower and skylight. Similar to the Bay Point, the living room also comes with carpeting on foam padding in both the living room and the bedroom. And like the Bay Point, you have control over design and décor, starting with a lineup of eight floorplans.

“We’ve been blessed to have a great team that has stayed in touch with economic trends and consumer demands. People want more freedom, more flexibility in how they work, how they live. And we’ve been flexible right with them” says Andrew Rush, third-generation family leader.

Recently consumer needs have changed once again. Rush added, “there has been a growth in demand for individual and group bunk housing to serve needs in the natural disaster environment and the growth of border population. The government and the businesses that serve the government agencies are seeking housing solutions.” As an answer to the growing needs, RBD has launched Workforce by RBD, a line exclusively designed to meet the needs of this growing market.

“We’ve been building suite or quad style bunks for a while. And now we’ve pivoted to account for individual sleeping, individual freedoms. Our bunks provide solutions with plenty of connectivity along with individual heating and air conditioning. We want people to feel comfortable, whether they’re working to restore a community from a natural disaster or waiting to complete the immigration process.”

Learn more about RBD and their new trailer lines, the Bay Point and Navigation.

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