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Pick Up YOUR Paddle

Freshwater fun is one of our Summer faves

THE HEAT IS ON, MY FRIEND, and Summer has a plan—to melt your face off. Which is fine by us, because we have a plan too—to grab our paddles and hit the nearest body of water. But where that is could depend on your favorite form of freshwater fun. Want the pulse-pummeling adrenaline rush of white water rafting? Or just a placid lake surface to slide across with the meditative motion of a chess piece? Done and done. This is America, baby. We have it all. The only question we got is where-oh-where to store our freshwater gear in the RV. (Time to clear off your roof rack for the kayak!) Take a look at our four favorite things to do with a paddle, our favorite places to play, and our favorite toys to take into the water—as we laugh our heads off at Summer.


Aqua Plus Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Sure, there are fancy paddle boards out there. We’ve seen them (on Instagram). But stand up paddleboarding (SUP, y’all) is a leisurely activity. And your kids are all gonna want their own boards. The Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP is an affordable option to outfit the whole clan. $199.99 on Amazon.com.


Sea Eagle Inflatable Travel Canoe 16

inflatable is huge space saver for any RVer; and on the water, Sea Eagle Travel Canoe 16 leaves nothing to be desired. Having three seats makes it a lot of fun for families. Which means multiple rowers. And an opportunity to play Ben-Hur: “Ramming speed!” Wait. Don’t do that. Just paddle. $1,799.00 on Amazon.com.


Eddyline Sky 10 Kayak

Don’t think we’re not aware: There are inflatable and even packable kayaks out there. And some are really innovative. But we still love recreational hard shells for their stability, maneuverability, and the very ease of transitioning into the water. No inflating or assembly. The Eddyline Sky 10 is great for beginners. $1,399.99 on REI.com


NRS Paddle Wetshoes

One of the most glorious things about white water rafting is that you just show up. Commercial outfitters provide almost everything, from life jackets and helmets to the raft itself. You, on the other hand, just need two main things: the mindset of a champion! … and some good wet shoes. (You don’t wanna lose your regular kicks in the river.) NRS paddle wetshoes are light, comfortable, and give you traction if you need it. $63.95 on REI.


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