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One Red-Hot Handle: @t_h_e_l_o_t

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Cruising the West Coast in an Airstream is the dream that is Shaundra and Jonathan’s life. But they also make it their business to share that joy with others. From their Instagram handle, @t_h_e_l_o_t, you can take a look—and draw inspiration from—their latest Airstream renovations. Let’s just say, they don’t cut a lot of corners. Read how their adventure began, and enjoy a few of our travel and decor favorites from @t_h_e_l_o_t on Instagram

Camping as a couple

We wouldn’t be renovating today had we not bought a 1972 Aristocrat 15 years ago. My husband grew up an avid camper. I, however, had never been camping when we met at the age of 24. Needless to say, our first excursion of tent camping was not my favorite. It snowed in California that April, and we were extremely underprepared having only brought spring clothing and flip-flops.

Finding Reno No. 1

That trip prompted us to purchase a vintage camper. We renovated the 1972 Aristocrat into the sweetest little beach cottage on wheels (before it was even a thing) and took that little 14-foot trailer all over California, from the coast to the mountains and everywhere in between that year. And we’ve had some form of a tiny home on wheels ever since.

Renovating a business model

We found a 1972 Airstream Argosy in North Fork California on Craigslist in 2014 with no pictures, but the list price was unheard of at $2,000! We jumped in the car and took a drive to go see it. We had always wanted to fully renovate an Airstream, but prices can be astronomical. And this was our opportunity. We learned so much from that build and had that Airstream for six years before marriage, kids, and a house. When we sold her, we realized we could create a profitable business renovating Airstreams. Soon after that, COVID hit, and we had a choice: Either move for my husband’s corporate job or jump headfirst into renovating Airstreams. And that is how THE LOT was born.

The next dream machine

1972 Airstream land yacht into a modern dream machine and renovating our first Airbnb, a 1987 Carver 40-foot yacht located in Sausalito, Califor nia, a tiny home on the water.

Scrolling the Virtual Campground


Because Min and Matt’s bus renovations rock … and they’re RVing Down Under. Should we read their posts with an Australian accent? (Asking for a friend.


We’re always up for some boondocking vistas. But there’s also this bulldog named Tank. We really like Tank.


These images feel like eternal summer! You know, the snowbird dream.


It’s the perfect reminder that not everyone flies south for the winter! Especially when you’re bracketed by the Baltic.


We don’t see a ton a photos of teardrops—and it’s not because we don’t want to! So a handle that’s dedicated to them? We’re all in.


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