Imperial Outdoors’ Off-Grid Machine

RV preferences often go in two directions—luxury or ruggedness. Of course, the two can overlap, but there are distinct needs and differences in rigs drivers will use for full hookups and campsites and the rigs used for off-grid adventures. The RVs from Imperial Outdoors most definitely fall into the latter category. And if you’re in search of your off-grid home-away-from-home, their Xplore X195 is worth a gander.

The X195 is brand new 2023 model with some impressive features. Imperial Outdoors has always been known for engineering cold-weather campers, and the X195 is no different. In fact, it’s capable for use all year-round, whether the temperature is 40 below or a searing 120ºF. This is thanks to its composite fiberglass walls which offer insulation from just about anything.

This weather-proof rig also comes with a reimagined chassis. The X195 is constructed with an off-road reinforced, coated steel perimeter frame. The frame is tabbed and slotted for additional rigidity, giving you—ever the gritty adventurer—the confidence to cross any obstacles in your path. And with the Xtreme Package Upgrade from Imperial, you can add Cruisemaster® ATX air ride adjustable suspension with disc brakes, a.k.a: the key to a smooth ride on roads or backcountry paths.

Imperial Outdoors’ new flagship trailer would not attain such a status without a serious solar option. Serious, as in, you can opt for 11 glass solar panels on the roof of the X195, generating 1,240 watts. So if you want to really get lost out there, you can. However, if that’s a little overpowering, the standard solar feature offers 240 watts, and the Stage 2 option offers 740 watts with 7 solar panels.

The X195 comes with power storage solutions to match their solar output options. For instance, if you’re thinking of the ‘xtreme’ solar option (1,240 watts), you might elect to have the Stage 3 power storage option: three 360Ah Lithium Batteries, generating a total of 1080Ah and plenty of time to spend off-grid. Same as with solar options, you can elect to have just one or two 360Ah Lithium Batteries to fit your needs.

The X195 now sports a 60-gallon tank for fresh water and a 60-gallon tank for gray water. To account for cold weather, both tanks make use of tank heaters and ducted heat to prevent freezing. So when Imperial Outdoors says year-round, they mean it!

The interior of the X195 is just as thought-out as the exterior. Inside, you’ll find a redesigned galley with a highly efficient induction stove, a large chef’s kitchen sink, and a refrigerator cabinet. At the front of the floorplan lies a new 2023 feature: your full north-south walk-around bed, complete with plenty of overhead storage and his-hers wardrobe space for every type of weather gear. And who said that off-gridding lacks romance? The indirect and dimmable LED lights can set any mood you’re looking for, from candle-lit dinners to bright n’ focused meal prepping. Finally, all cabinets in the X195 are top-of-the-line wood with metal positive latches, so your items remain safe and secure regardless of your route’s bumps and dips.

For more details and images of this all-weather and all-terrain beast, check out ImperialOutdoors.com!

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