Four Ways to Imagine Your Next Travel Trailer

If you’re in the market this coming year for a new travel trailer, make sure the Grand Design Imagine AIM series is on your list of rigs to explore! The Imagine Adventure in Motion series consists of four floorplans, each similar in size (ranging from 19’ 11” to 21’ 11” in length). The first of it's kind by Grand Design, this single-axle is towable by most mid-size SUVs. What’s on the inside, however, will determine and ensure your comfort. Take a tour through all four floorplans and leave with four reasons why the Imagine AIM series is worth your consideration.

Above: Floorplans of all four models. From left to right, one line at a time: 15BH, 15RB, 16ML, 18BH.

Reason #1: Each floorplan has its own little niche.

Though the four Imagine AIM floorplans are relatively similar in overall length, each configuration serves as a unique offering within its segment. Since each floorplan has a personality of its own, you're sure to find floorplan-specific features and benefits to suit you and your family's needs. For example, the 15BH (one of the two smaller models) offers a storage portal underneath the queen bed that can also be accessed by a 36”x15” baggage door on the exterior. Forgot something in your bag? You can dig it out right from inside the trailer. On the 15RB (the other smaller model), the booth-style dinette has the back of one of the booth seats facing the doorway. Since the back of the booth faces the entryway, Grand Design cleverly carved out a slot under the booth seating for shoe storage!

On the 16ML model (the medium size, 20’-long floorplan), the bedroom area is just to the right of the entryway, and the wall adjacent to the door has built-in coat hooks. Finally, the 18BH (the largest AIM model) has a set of two 32” x 72” bunk beds in addition to the queen bed. If you’re traveling as a family (or with a few friends) and you’re in need of some privacy, the queen bed has a full-length privacy curtain that seamlessly separates the queen bed area from the rest of the trailer.

Above: Interior shots of all four models. From left to right, one line at a time: 15BH, 15RB, 16ML, 18BH.

Reason #2: The Peace of Mind Package

No matter how well we prepare, there’s always going to be those “uh-oh” moments on the road. We do our best to avoid them, and Grand Design is certainly known to pull their own weight in this effort. The “Peace of Mind” Package is a standard inclusion in the Imagine AIM series designed, well, for peace of mind! It covers those “uh-oh” moments and adds points of ease with features like the aluminum StepAbove entry steps and the exterior cooking griddle with a metal pullout drawer. For when or in case you need them, the Imagine AIM floorplans come with a universal docking station, an on-demand tankless water heater, a spare tire and carrier, a front rock guard, and a 6” coiled break-away cable, to name a few.

Reason #3: Sleeping Space

Despite the smallest of the four floorplans being under 20 ft, even that model has room for a queen-size bed. In fact, all four Imagine AIM floorplans fit a queen-size bed, so no matter which one you’re in, you’ve got a spacious and comfortable slumber area.

Reason #4: Zero Compromise Approach

One of Grand Design's founding pillars is to provide the industry with the best product in the marketplace. While developing the AIM series, they continued to operate with a relentless pursuit to produce the highest quality single-axle within its respective segment. Staying true to this core foundation means that Grand Design does not compromise quality, fit and finish, design, construction, or customer service. The same values hold true for the Imagine AIM series.

Those are just four (of many) reasons to check out the Imagine AIM series from Grand Design! Other features that caught our eye were the motion-sensor entry lighting, 200W roof-mounted solar panel, a bar-style dinette option (on the 18BH floorplan), and the extra option for a backup camera with a monitor.

For the full list of features, check out the Grand Design website.

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