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EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station

Off-grid, we found lots to love in this lightweight power option.

ECOFLOW STEPS UP THEIR GAME by stepping down in weight—by over 3 pounds! The X-Stream rapid charging tech is unbeatable, charging up to an amazing 80 percent from just 50 minutes of AC power. Solar panels can charge with up to 500W, keeping you topped off when you’re off-grid. This means you can charge cameras, laptops, and devices for the kids, or even power a blender. (We’re thinking margaritas, boondocking style!) It’s even strong enough to keep your fridge running during power outages at home (although results may vary—tremendously). You can keep track of power going in and out on the LED screen, or with the EcoFlow app on iOS or Android smartphones.

A Lightweight Heavyweight

At just 27 pounds, Delta 2 features 1024Wh of power, and it’s designed for 3000 charge cycles up to 80%+ capacity. That’s going the full 10 rounds!

X-Stream Fast Charge

Plug into AC for an 80%+ charge in just 50 minutes! Off-grid? It handles up to 500W of solar input, or charge from a 12V plug in your car. And you can charge while using plugged-in devices. Charge on.

USB Everything

USB-A? Two standards, plus two more that fast-charge with 18W. USB-C? Two of those, at 100W each—enough to charge some laptops directly without a power brick!

6 (Very Social) AC Ports

Plug it all in! The six AC ports can handle 1800W total and a 2700W surge, so you can power or charge devices without touching your rig’s battery. The smartphone app lets you control and monitor everything.


Watch Nate put the EcoFlow Delta 2 and all sorts of other RV gear in action on our new I Heart RVing channel.


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