You Gotta “C” It To Believe It

They don’t call them “Super C’s” for nothing! Dynamax’s latest model from their Europa line does not compromise on anything, starting with storage.

Everywhere you can imagine a place to put things, and even where you might never have thought to put anything, Dynamax has a storage solution. Above the dinette? Check. Beneath the dinette seats? Check. Above the sofa? Yup. Exterior areas? Absolutely—there are no less than five undercarriage storage spaces, with on full width and one three-quarter width. In the bedroom, your spacious closets get the full treatment with motion-activated lights, so you’ll never be rummaging around in the dark.

What’s engineering without attention to detail? Inside the 32KD, you’ll find conveniently placed USB ports in all the right places: next to the sofa, under the dinette, and in a pop-up tower from the kitchen counter that also includes normal power outlets for your kitchen appliances. Speaking of kitchen appliances, the 32KD comes with a residential fridge and convection microwave, both standard. The galley itself is fit with a lift-up countertop for extra space that easily tucks away when you’re done cooking up deliciousness.

When you enjoy your food, you’ll also be enjoying a dinette table that Does. Not. Rattle. Talk about a smooth ride. The dinette is stationed campside and comes with a nice, big window so you can enjoy wonderful views of your campsite at every meal. Alternatively, if the evening has settled (or maybe you prefer relaxing in front of your favorite show after long days outside), then you can flip on the 39” TV, which is comfortably watchable from the dinette, the sofa, or the captain’s chair. The TV comes attached to a swivel arm should you need to adjust the screen to find the optimal viewing angle.

Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of lighting modes in the Dynamax control panel, located at the center of the rig, across from the galley. Setting the lights to “Day Mode” will turn on all the lights in the RV, while “Night Mode” will keep on select lights (under-cabinet fixtures) while dimming the overheads to facilitate maximum coziness.

Check out this video exploring all the features on Dynamax’s latest rig and be sure to take a peek through their website to get the most up-to-date specifications.

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