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DISH Tailgater Pro Premium Satellite Antenna

This ain’t your grandma’s satellite TV. DISH’s Tailgater Pro antenna takes TV on the go into the space age


THE TAILGATER PRO FROM DISH OUTDOORS makes it easier than ever to access your favorite shows (and teams) on the road wherever you go. It’s surprisingly easy to connect, and its auto-calibration feature is an absolute game changer.

I was a satellite user in the 90s, so opening the box and finding this slick, somewhat Darth-Vader-helmet-looking contraption was a revelation. It was surprisingly light at only 8 pounds, but it’s also sturdy. More surprisingly: Its quick-start guide has only five steps, and one of them is “Turn on the TV.” The entire hookup process was no harder than a regular cable box—mostly plug-and-play, with only three connections to make. The unit comes with some rubber feet for the bottom of the unit, but there are stands you can buy, or you can permanently install them on your RV. What ultimately makes this a Smart Buy is what it unlocks: full HD access to all of your favorite entertainment. No more missing the big game, hearing spoilers around the campfire, or suffering through a crappy Wi-Fi signal with a choppy stream

No Contracts

The DISH Pay-As-You-Go rate plan is a marvel. Whether you’re a full-time or just a weekend warrior, you won’t overpay for great service.

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Set it down, point it south, hook it up, and you’re golden. At only 8 pounds and with only five hookup steps, getting up and running is a snap.

Leave the Signal Finding the Pros

The Tailgater Pro automatically calibrates the satellite signal, so you don’t have to. Unlike old-school antennas, calibration is pretty much point-and-click.

No Rain on Your Parade

The weather-resistant cover protects the Tailgater, so you don’t miss a single play in rain or shine. (Find those can’t-miss games.

TV from Sea to Shining Sea

Enjoy 100 percent nationwide coverage while you travel. Wherever you are, you’ll always have your sports, TV, movies, and more.


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