From the pages of I RVing: Winter 2023

Beyond the Brink of Desire

Brinkley RV announces their daring new brand with the fearless Model Z 3100.

What you think you know can be as dangerous as what you don’t. Especially when limits turn out to be illusions. To trust your gut and step out into the unknown takes bravery. Moxie. Call it what you will. But whatever it is, Brinkley RV certainly has it. And there’s no clearer proof than their brand-defining Model Z 3100. With a design that goes above and beyond industry standards, Brinkley RV captivates the eye with modern elegance and innovative brilliance. It's hard not to love an RV that turns heads everywhere it pulls in, and the Model Z 3100 is akin to a fifth-wheel supermodel—with sharp, decisive lines that are both modern and timeless. But beyond being easy on the eyes, this midsize fifth wheel is built to make things easy on its owners.

The Model Z offers 130 cubic feet of exterior storage—that is pass-thru, lined with rubberized flooring, well-lit, and complete with basement access doors. There are outdoor showers on both sides of the RV, each with hot and cold water. The dump valves? Those are electric. The roof is even maintenance free (an industry first). Elegance and sublime efficiency are hallmarks of the Model Z 3100’s interior—so much so you can expect guests to gasp. The cabin is a showpiece of style, with clean neutral white and grays, accented by warm bronze fittings and camel dinette chairs and theater seats. The 84-inch pantry is spacious, and there are thoughtful little touches everywhere. Like 20 outlets, six with high-speed USB/USB-C charging stations. Or the dresser’s sliding top with hidden storage. Or those modern square frameless windows. Apparently, when Brinkley RV is on the verge of something great, they just go for it—all the way and across every feature. And that has us excited about what’s to come.

Comfort That Feels Boundless

There might be a more exquisite fifth-wheel bedroom out there (it’s possible), but few have left us feeling so awestruck as the Model Z 3100. It’s nice. Like fancy hotel room-for-your-anniversary nice. The queen-size bed (with a king-size option) is lightly tucked into the slide. Two swing-arm sconces provide ample reading light. A small, curtained window even allows for a little morning light to filter in. But the most stunning feature is the panel-mirrored closet that amplifies light and enhances the feeling of space in the room.

Where Style Has Free Reign

You can describe the Model Z 3100’s cabin with a single word: ravishing. True style is both striking and sleek, unencumbered by excess. Which is perfect for an RV. (We don’t need any excess, right?) From the Don-Draper-esque trifold sofa to the frameless windows, the precision of the furnishings leaves nothing to be desired, while the leanness of the décor gives a greater appearance of space. Quite simply, it’s a place you want to be, with strong residential motifs. Even the geometries of the bathroom are shamelessly attractive and smartly save space with each rounded edge.

Model Z 3100 Fifth Wheel Floorplan

HEIGHT ( W/ AC ) 13 FT 2 IN
GVWR 14,495 LBS

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