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12 upgrades to take your RV up a level, even as you head down south

EVERY HOME HAS TO FIND THE RIGHT BALANCE between contentment and improvement. Especially mobile ones. At least, so P.D. Eastman tells us. When the author-illustrator penned his 1968 children’s classic, The Best Nest, he made a simple case: If Mrs. Bird isn’t happy, no one is. Really, regardless of which party is unhappy (it could be anyone), the problem boils down to two things: Finding the right spot (see Big Pine Key RV), and getting all the right stuff. To make your new campsite perfect, your RV may not need the same things that Mr. and Mrs. Bird needed— “all the hay, all the straw, all the string, all the stuffing, all the horse hair, and all the man hair”—but making some key upgrades to your RV can make a massive difference in your snowbirding experience. So, take a look at a dozen items we recommend to help make your RV the best nest— for everyone involved.

Give Your POWERa Little Lift

RELiON LiFePO4 Batteries

If you’re gonna be using electronics all Winter (you are), why not go for a battery upgrade (lithium iron phosphate) that is safer and has more cycles? You know, one you can RELiON.

Go Power! Solar Charging Kit

You don’t have to go full solar to soak in the benefits. Even using a solar kit as an auxiliary, you’ll extend battery life, reduce energy costs, and have reliable backup power in an emergency.

Transfer Flow Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Just because you’ve swapped to a more southerly campsite doesn’t mean you’ve given up on road trips. Far from it. Give your pickup some extra range with this auxiliary fuel tank and enhance that I-go-where-I-want thing you’ve got going.

Interweave FUNwith Function

MagneShade (Custom!)

Down south, you’re gonna get more sun. And so is your RV. Help protect your cabin’s temp with these easy-to-apply shades (simple as magnets) that can block over 90 percent of harmful UV rays. Plus, you can even design them custom!

Equator Stackable Laundry Center

You’re heading south to get away from the cold. And away from frustrations. Don’t let your laundry setup be one. The Equator’s stacked, front-loading unit wil speed up your clothes cycle, while slowing down your stress cycle.

Bauer NE Bluetooth Handles (Keyless!)

Think you’re gonna be going inside and out a bunch while you’re full-timing in Florida? (Hint: Yes, you are.) Bauer’s Bluetooth makes entrance as easy as the push of a button.

Bee Green LED Lighting

Better lighting in your RV makes a big difference in how much you enjoy your cabin. Upgrading to Bee Green LEDs is like renovating everything with their earth-friendly, evenly-distributed light touches. Plus, you can install reading lights with USB charge ports. (And did we mention the green they’ll save you on energy?)

Winegard ConnecT Router

Some of these snowbird joints are pretty swanky. And others—while still awesome—are pretty rustic. Either way, you’re gonna wanna give your Wi-Fi a boost to maximize your speed and extend your range.

Beddy’s Zipper Bedding

You make your bed every day. (Don’t you?) Well, in your RV, that’s always a pain. But Beddy’s has put an end to that. Level up the ease—and minky-soft-microfiber comfort—with their zipper bedding.

Flaunt a few FRIEND-MAKERS

Ninja BL660 Blender (for Margaritas!)

Campground life is about people. Community. Being social. Well, nothing makes friends faster than, “Want a frozen margarita?” Hope you handle popularity well.

Starlink Roam

Starlink service plans connect you with high-speed internet almost anywhere across the world. Which is awesome. But you’ll also find that your Starlink setup (like the one that comes with Bowlus Volterra) is a big-time conversation starter. Boy, folks love to talk about Elon (take a look).

Traeger Ranger Portable Grill

You’ve already got your frozen margarita maker. Now you’re throwing a Traeger wood-pellet grill into the mix?! Digitally controlled and able to dispense that smoky wood-fired taste to every morsel you throw on it, you might attract a whole flock of fellow snowbirds to your nest—which, based on everything we’re reading about your setup, just might really be the best.


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