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An RV Aeronautics Masterpiece

THE ART OF LAND TRAVEL is evolving so fast that it almost defies logic. RV technology today is more robust, more complex, and more beautiful than ever before. Want proof? Look no further than Tiffin’s Midas 24 MT and the Bowlus Volterra. Every Midas feature has that Tiffin touch—elegant and efficient. And the Volterra puts you in the RV world’s first all-electric wonder. Turn the page to see how each is pioneering a stylish new epoch for RVing.


Always has been, from Lindbergh’s Atlantic hop to Yeager’s sound-shattering wake. Now, Bowlus Volterra is adding its name to the list of epoch-marking icons by eclipsing the RV obstacle of our age: the electric barrier. And no surprise to anyone, Bowlus is doing it in style. Pioneering is full of decisive little details. Added up they make all the difference. Exhibit A: weight. The Bowlus Volterra is ultralight. This means it requires less power to tow, enabling small SUVs and electric vehicles to tow it. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and then clad in it,
the Volterra’s riveted sheen is the indistinguishable mark of a trailer built with better materials.

Over seventy percent of materials found in the Volterra—from the bronze window screens to the
UV-coated birch wood interiors are manufactured by Bowlus. But Volterra’s power is the true game-changer. It’s the world’s first all-electric RV. The AeroSolar system charges the Volterra as you drive or while you camp. Its power management system provides a robust 17 kWh of lithium iron phosphate power. The Volterra can even provide an emergency charge for your EV tow vehicle that can extend your range by 65 miles. That kind of electric power in an RV is more than a novelty. It’s shocking.

Sexy, Streamlined, Spacious

To enter the Volterra is to experience the awe of its monocoque design. High birch wood panels angle up, widening toward the floor. There, heated floors and radiant heating warm the entire shell (also safeguarding the water tanks from cold weather). Windows are at eye level. Skylights open to the stars. And just before the bedroom is a no-odor bathroom and luxury shower with an Italian shower head.

The Ultimate Precision Kitchen

The Volterra’s kitchen is like a Swiss Army knife. That is if the Swiss Army knife were made by Rolex. There’s a 12v fridge (with freezer), two cabinets (including space for a trash can), two large drawers, an (electric-powered) microwave, and an (electrically powered) induction cooktop. Outlets flank both walls (for extra appliances). The sink has a faucet (which extends). There are even portholes (for natural light).

Beautiful BedroomGeometries

Few sleeping environments compare with sleeping in a Bowlus. The Volterra’s birch panels are soft but warm and glow with mellow daylight drawn from the world outside. Twin beds make a romantic arc that draws sleepers toward a shared foot space, but the bedroom can also convert into a king-sized bed to engineer an even more intimate geometry.

Charge into Your Electric Future. Visit Bowlus.com.

Bowlus Volterra Specs:

► LENGTH: 27 FT 2 IN




► FRESH/GRAY/BLACK 5 0 / 3 1 / 4.5 G A L

► GVWR 4,000 LBS

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