Trucking Toward New Territory

KingStar is reimagining the entire truck camping experience. And we can’t look away.

Change is a difficult master. There’s a lot of grit, intensity, and intentionality required to keep pace with a moving landscape—especially a market as fluid and crowded as the RV industry. But KingStar is getting something right in a very big way. Instead of grasping at the future, the Camino 88 line is forging it with a laser focus on the battle-tested essentials. And it’s bringing a smile to campers across the country and turning heads that may have once dismissed truck camping.

1. Full walk-on, 22-gauge stainless steel roof system | 2. Rubber mounted Honda generator | 3. 2 LP tanks passenger side | 4. Camco Olympian
5500 grill | 5. Jack pack with stair system

The impact of a well-built thing is profound. It’s the mark of integrity. The KingStar Camino 88 gives 1-ton truck owners with 6.5-foot and 8-foot beds—and flatbeds too—a slide-in camper that fits their rugged ethos. Framed with wood, covered in steel and Azdel, and sealed with closed-cell spray foam insulation, the Camino 88 is solid. The 22-gauge stainless steel roof is one piece with no trim. Rather, it’s bent then securely riveted down. Sturdy as it is, it’s not boxy. Thermo-pane windows let the outdoor light in, making it feel more open, more natural than many of its truck-camping peers.

With the Camino-88, it’s clear: Designers have choices. And all too often, new floorplans just look like a reshuffled deck. KingStar’s Camino 88 takes a different path. Each floorplan—there will soon be five—is crafted specifically for different kinds of campers. KingStar designed the Couch/Bunk setup for families, the Lounger for relaxation, the Dinette for friends, and the Open Range for extra room. And now, here comes the Command Center for digital nomads. Each is reimagined for a different type of camper. And each Camino comes customized so that you pick your interior colors, exterior color, and any awesome add-ons that suite your camp style—from skylights and solar packages to pull-out trash cans. Those personal touches KingStar leaves to you.

A Wake Up Like No Other 
There’s nothing like waking up with the softened light of the morning sun slowly illuminating your room. Turning to the window and seeing nothing but the wild takes you to a place that’s hard to describe—except to say it’s incredible. The Camino 88 is made to give you that moment again and again. With friendly windows and a large skylight option (shown here), you could quickly forget that you’re camping in the back of your truck. When truck camping looks like this, we simply can’t get enough.

New Design for Digital Nomads 
It’s no secret that the remote working scene has exploded over the last three years, enabling thousands—if not millions—of desk-bound workers to choose their own office. So why not work in the Grand Canyon? Or among the Red Rocks of Utah? That’s KingStar’s thought exactly! The Command Center (coming soon) is carefully crafted for digital nomads, complete with a designated inverter for electronic devices and a file folder cabinet in the center console (and under the seats, too). The layout also maximizes surface area, so your laptop—and work style—is never crowded.

Camino 88 Lounger Floorplan

BED LENGTHS: 6 ft. 6 in. OR 8 ft.
EXTERIOR FLOOR: 9 ft. 2 in.
EXTERIOR WIDTH: 7 ft. 6 in.

FRESH/GRAY: 32/20 Gal
DRY WEIGHT: 3,295 lbs
CLEARANCE (1T STOCK SUSP): 10 ft. 6 in.

Find your truck’s perfect bedmate. Shop campers at KingStar.net.

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