Rize Thor Class B motorhome side view

The Rize of Ultra-Modern Travel

Very simply, the Rize makes camping in a Class B motorhome a breeze for newbies, as well as a delight for veteran RVers. Nimble, powerful, and shamelessly sheik, Thor Motor Coach’s design effectively multiplies space without sacrificing quality or style—both on the road and in the cab. This is #VanLife at its pinnacle for those looking to maintain modern comforts while on the move.

But don’t let the Rize’s ultra-modern appearance deceive you: The Rize is ready to launch into the outdoors. With a Thule® bike rack on the rear door and a hitch weight rating of 3,500 pounds, you can bring your bigger toys with you. Shadowed by a 10-foot electric awning, the sliding door creates a large opening so interior space can blend with the outside. (Although there’s a screen door to keep the bugs out if you need a force field.)

Tailored for self-sufficiency, the Rize 18M comes with a pleasantly quiet Onan® RV QG 2800 gas generator, two group 31 AGM house batteries, and a solar charge controller with 190W solar panel (to save those batteries). And when an offshore power opportunity arises, the 30-amp detachable shoreline power cord can help you hook up when you dock at a campground.

1. Thule bike rack on rear door | 2. Rooftop AC | 3. 190W solar panel | 4. 10-foot electric awning | 5. Sliding door + screen door for entryway | 6. Keyless entry system | 7. Color: charcoal, silver, or white | 8. Engine: 3.6L Pentastar V6

A Buzz-Worthy Kitchen 
Economy of space and function finds a clean balance in the kitchen. Complete with an overhead microwave, single-door electric fridge (with freezer), two-burner gas cooktop, sink with faucet, and multiple outlets (electric, USB, HDMI), this suite packs a surprising punch.

Some Giant Leaps for VanKind 
Check this out: When you park, you can swivel your seat around, slide out the table, and rotate it over your lap. (Where’s dinner, hon?) And that’s just one example from an extraordinarily versatile interior, that also includes high-gloss curved cabinetry for storage overhead.

Where There Is Water, There Can Be Life 
With a stealthy cassette toilet and a shower smartly situated in the rear, there is life, indeed! Best of all, the shower is integrated with the Truma Combi Eco Hydronic Furnace and Water Heating System. So that way you won’t feel like you’re skinny dipping on Europa.

2022 Rize 18M Floorplan

CHASSIS: Ram ProMaster 
FUEL CAPACITY/TYPE: 24 Gal/Gasoline 
GVWR: 8,550 lbs 
EXT LENGTH (w/o ladder): 17 Ft. 11 In. 
EXT WIDTH (w/o mirrors): 81 In. 
LPG: 24 lbs 
WATER HEATER: 2.64 Gal. 

ENGINE: 3.6L Pentastar V6 
GCWR: 11,500 lbs 
EXT HEIGHT (w/AC): 9 Ft. 6 In. 
FRESH/GRAY/BLACK: 18/20/6 Gal. 
FURNACE: 14,300 BTU 

Get Rize off the ground. Visit ThorMotorCoach.com.

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