From the pages of I RVing: Fall 2022

Scoring the Perfect Game Day Setup

Every fall, we fill our RV roster with our favorite players—from friends and family to our furry companions. We huddle up in our campers and lob ourselves deep into nature’s end zone. Because going deep is awesome. Nature is awesome. But our fall game day experience? Well … truth be told, it can be our ugliest stat line. But here’s where sports teach us something profound: If you’re not getting results, don’t blame the players—blame the system.

Even in fall’s furthest, crispest corners, you can cheer play-by-play in style. It all comes down to revamping a system that maximizes the Big Four Ss—screen, sound, service, and seating. Install a system that makes you a game day champ, so you always play great on the road.

Call the Perfect Screen

RVs and their floorplans all have different dimensions. So finding the perfect TV screen for your rig or trailer isn’t all about size. But while dimensions may vary, quality shouldn’t. The perfect TV screen is not just HD (duh), but it’s also lightweight and deceptively nimble—energy-wise. When you’re out on the boundary, every bit of energy counts. So you want something with an energy-efficient footprint to slip behind the defense and rack up some yards after the catch. (Like Wes Welker.)

So let’s narrow down your play sheet. Flat out, most LEDs are tougher, brighter, and less suspect to losing definition at altitude (that’s a thing) than plasmas. But more importantly, the brightness of an LED gives you that sharp, clear game day picture. You know, the one that makes you feel like you’re on the field. But what makes models like the FURRION 43” FULL HD LED such a sneaky, smart play is they’re energy-efficient for 12 Volt and AC power.

Feel the Pulse of the Crowd

Anyone who’s ever been to a game can tell you that it’s not all about the sights. The audible spectacle is magnificent and is measured in decibels as human voices rise like an ocean of sound. That’s the game day experience—your voice in a sea of voices. The sharpness of the whistle. The crack of pads. (And the boos after that late flag comes out.) It’s a lot of weight to put on the shoulders of your TV speakers. You need a sound bar—a good one.

Sound bars are everywhere these days. One may have been installed in your rig or trailer. But they’re not all equal. You can spend as much as you like on an upgrade, but no matter what, get one with built-in subwoofers. Models like the YAMAHA C20A are economical in size and price, easy to mount, and have Bluetooth. And with subwoofers to amp your bass, you’ll be loving them BIG even after the game—whether it’s during movie night or Call of Duty.

Recruit an Elite Receiver

Ask a QB about dropped passes in the Red Zone. Or a camper about dropping Wi-Fi on game day. It’s a morale crusher. Your RV gives you the ability to move the ball all over America’s field. But DISH gives you the ability to take live TV to the house, anywhere you park. Say goodbye to reliance on Wi-Fi. DISH turns your game day experience into a high-powered offense—with unlimited range and pay-as-you-go service.

Go portable. Or mount it to your roof. It’s easy. And unlike most elite receivers—there’s no fat contract. Or activation fees. Or disconnect fees. Or restart fees. In sum, it’s your ticket to the game, without weirdo price models. And wherever you are, your receiver is wide, stinking open!

Get started with $50 OFF any DISH satellite antenna bundle. Just use code IHEARTRV at checkout!

Upgrade the Luxury Box

Every football game, some camera man swings up to show us all the fat cats in their luxury box. Man, they have it good. They’re immune to weather. They have better seats. And TVs. And snacks! Which basically means they are the RV of the stadium world. (Lucky them!) Sure: They may have the view that everyone envies, but you can top their seats.

Choosing between fabric and vinyl seating is obviously preferential. And since it is, we’ll state our preference: vinyl. Because we spill stuff—and mixing erratic celebrations in a small space with salsa and libations seems to be asking for it. Either way, opt for theater seats with cupholders to secure your drink, USB ports to charge your phone (as you check other scores), and recliners to kick up your feet. You don’t have to go with the handmade, Amish comfort of LAMBRIGHT LUXE RV SOFAS, but who could blame you if you did? Bradd and Hall (BraddAndHall.com) gives you all the fat cat options to perfect your luxury box.

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