Your Getaway Plan for Next Winter


Mill Lane Winery | Tenino, WA

When it comes to romance, we don’t feel like winter always gets its due. But consider the cold. The warmth of the other person. One RV. And an intimate night away from the crowd. At Mill Lane Winery, you can enjoy a fantastic selection of handcrafted, small-batch wines. Your host can help you pick the perfect one for your perfect night.

Looking to turn up the romance with a night at the winery? (Clever you.) Take it up one more notch: Go ice skating at Sprinker Recreation Center.


Happy Rock Farm | Gladstone, ND

Going all-weather in your RV gets you close to nature—and fast! So why not lean into it? Head to Happy Rock Farm and make 30 new fleece-covered friends. This family-friendly farm raises alpacas, and, if you like, an introduction can be arranged. You can also buy some primo, super-warm, alpaca-fiber hats, socks, mittens, and gloves.

The hosts like dogs but…the alpacas don’t. So, if you have a dogo, it needs to stay on a leash—and maybe take a nap in the camper during that farm tour.


Meier’s Creek Brewing Co. | Cazenovia, NY

Winter is when it counts to be a short walk from what’s brewing. Meier’s Creek Brewing Co. is located just outside the (potentially frozen) lakeside town of Cazenovia in the heart of New York State. With the wind howling in the hop fields outside, feel free to make yourself cozy, watch the brewing process, and taste what’s hopping.

You’re a 3-minute drive from a one-hour snowshoe trek (and a new potential bar story) on the lake-flanked Cazenovia Preservation Double Loop.

New England

Lost Valley Ski Area | Auburn, ME

Quick: Think of a winter adventure! Were you skiing or snowboarding? At Lost Valley Ski Area you can make a weekend run at the slopes or learn skiing for the first time—without any pretense. There’s also a Brewpub onsite with handcrafted beer (brewed on the premises) and live music almost every night the pub is open.

Forget being a weekend warrior. Hit up Lost Valley on a weekday. They’re open Wednesday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. but closed on Saturday.

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