Paradigm of Luxury

Luxury Experience begins with understanding desire. And here, the Alliance RV Paradigm brings fifth-wheel luxury to an all-new level. Implementing 100 customer-driven features, this well-sheened machine is fine-tuned to meet RV owner wants and needs—spoken and unspoken. From the impressive Benchmark Chassis design to the king bed’s padded headboard, the Paradigm delivers on its name.

That starts with the new Pressure Running Gear system. With heavy-duty 4K springs and 7,000-pound axles from Dexter, a MorRyde CRE3000 suspension system, and Super G 4,400 pound-rated tires, you are guaranteed a more luxurious (and less eventful) towing experience. The Paradigm’s two-inch torsion tube is firmly welded to the I-beam and spring hangers have V-bracket reinforcement to protect against any spring failures. All making your road time sublime—and giving you better peace of mind. After all, heavy is the head that tows the crown.

The Paradigm showcases an upscale interior. Massive atrium windows offer an expansive view outside, and MCD night shades secure absolute privacy. LED lighting accents the crown molding and islands—and is even installed to back-light mirrors. From the all-on-one loveseat/theater seat/recliner, you can enjoy a responsive Bluetooth entertainment system and LG smart TVs. That is, before you retire to a spacious 48- to 60-inch shower, close the rustic sliding door to your bedroom, and surrender to the plush comfort of that king-sized bed.

1. Oversized awnings + patio LED lighting | 2. High-gloss fiberglass exterior | 3. Painted front cap | 4. Patio side spray port and quick connect | 5. Underframe patio lighting | 6. Six-point auto level | 7. Rota-Flex pinbox to reduce chucking

Maximum Climate Control 
Built from top to bottom—literally—to keep you in constant control of temperature, the Paradigm is coated with reflective PVC above, padded with a heated underbelly below, and insulated twice in between. Triple ACs offer 40,500 BTUs of cooling power and can each be individually controlled. Even better, the ultra-quiet ductless design keeps the cool air inside. For fresh air, window placement allows optimal cross ventilation. In colder months, the 42,000-BTU furnace and 5,000-BTU electrical fireplace keep you cozy.

Premium Storage Space 
Luxury requires space, and the Paradigm’s ambitious design provides innovative solutions for storage. The Benchmark Chassis employs a drop-frame design that create a mammoth basement—with 35 percent more storage space in an insulated, heated, illuminated, and uninhibited compartment. In the RV interior, innovative storage is everywhere and often invisible: deep bedroom dressers, flip-top end tables, compartments beneath the step shoe, and more.

Friendly Utility Features 
Thoughtful design is a part of the Paradigm’s every fiber, including its most utilitarian components. Frustration-reducing features are everywhere. From easy-to-track smart wires to an all-in-one utility center, user-friendly utilities make maintenance and control simpler. Shut-off valves for sink and toilet repairs so you don’t have to cut off your entire water supply? Finally. Dedicated locations preengineered to accept the washer and dryer setup? Affirmative.

Paradigm 370FB Floorplan

GVWR: 16,500 LBS 

See the full list of luxury features. Visit AllianceRV.com/Fifth-Wheel-Paradigm.

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