From the pages of I RVing: Winter 2023

One Last Moment of Warmth Firesides

1 Last Laugh

(The Daddest Joke Around)

What did the Gulf of Mexico say to the beach? Nothing. It just waved.

1 Final Inspiration

(Deep Thoughts)

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”

“And ends with one heck of a back-in parking job.”
– I Heart RVing

1 SIMPLE tip

(Go Into the Light) Get to the campground before dark. If you’re a newbie, you might not know it yet, but arriving in the daytime makes camp setup roughly 1,000 times easier. Unless you’re a hardened road warrior, plan to arrive at your destination at least an hour before sunset.

1 big tease Invitation

(Don’t Shed No Tears)

Next issue there will be teardrops. These curvy little numbers have always been in style, but they seem to be popping up on the campground more than ever. They’re not just pretty, either. They’re easy to haul, easy to park, and easy to love, taking the best qualities of the smaller towables and adding a fun factor. Got a favorite model? Send it to [email protected]!

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1 Closing Word


RVing is so hot right now. And an RV magazine has never been hotter than this issue. Hope you loved our jaunt from the Southwest to the South Florida coast, with a couple of stops in the great white north along the way. The beauty of RVing is that you’re not stuck wherever you are. And thanks for taking us along for the ride. Got a favorite road buddy that needs some more RV in their life? Use this QR code to give them a gift they’re sure to heart.



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