From the pages of I RVing: Spring 2023

One Last Bit of Freshness Firesides

spring has sprung

1 Last Laugh

(The Daddest Joke Around)

What’s the difference between a normal RV joke and an RV dad joke?
The punchline is apparent

1 Final Inspiration

(Deep Thoughts)

“RV living is not one lifestyle but many. Much of your happiness and success in full timing depends on finding just the right niche for yourself.” – Gordon Groene, Janet Groene, Living Aboard Your RV.

1 SIMPLE tip

(Be Kind as You Unwind)

Offer others your best campground etiquette. It’s OK to feel like you can let your hair down once you’ve put the RV in park. But being thoughtful with your volume and polite to your neighbors is a great way to ensure everyone has a great experience.

1 big tease

(Get Ready to Go from Sea to Shining Sea)

Next issue things really heat up, as we head out on the road for an All-American Summer. There will be fireworks. There will be sun. And it will be chock full of RV goodness as we continue to explore the RVing lifestyle together. Got a favorite Summer spot we should visit? Story you want to share? Send it to [email protected]!

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1 Closing Word

(Volume 2 Is Two Words)

That’s it for the second volume of I Heart RVing magazine. It’s been eight beautiful issues of RV goodness, all with the goal of helping you learn, enjoy, and master this crazy hobby, or lifestyle, or weekend activity—whatever it is to you. Our goal has always been for this magazine to be the kind of thing you love spending time with, taking on road trips, and, most of all, benefitting from. If we’ve succeeded, consider using this QR code to share with your favorite road buddy in their life? Use this QR code to give them a gift they’re sure to heart.



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