Nature’s Oasis: Discovering Tranquility in Florida’s Timeless Lower Keys

Florida’s Lower Keys stand out as an unparalleled destination for such a retreat. These islands serve as a pristine testament to a bygone era when Calusa and Tequesta tribes freely roamed these lands. Despite enduring over a century of relentless development sweeping across Florida and beyond, the Lower Keys remain seemingly untouched by the passage of time, encircled by some of the clearest waters imaginable.

The Lower Keys have evolved into an exceptional destination for visitors. The area boasts two national wildlife refuges, including the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge, where encounters with the tiny and endangered Key Deer are not just possible but exclusive to this locale. A cardinal rule applies: observe with your eyes but resist the urge to touch.

Bahia Honda State Park, home to one of the world’s most exquisite beaches, invites visitors to revel in the meeting of white sand and warm ocean waters, a spectacle painted in mesmerizing hues of blues, greens, teals, and aquas. This beach is an ideal location for shoreline snorkeling, while divers can explore the vibrant reefs and wrecks of Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary through offshore excursions.

The aquatic world below mirrors the richness found above, with an abundance of marine life and fresh seafood offerings in various settings. Boating and fishing opportunities abound, both offshore and in the captivating backcountry.

As for accommodations, the weather’s warm all year round, so it’s the ideal climate for camping. Or take all the comforts of home with you to one of our full-service RV Parks, campgrounds, or marinas. And of course, there’s a wide range of hotels and lodges, including some of the trendiest resorts and restaurants in The Keys on Stock Island. The beautiful part is it’s all easily accessible on one of America’s most scenic roads, the fabled Overseas Highway.

To learn more about Big Pine Key, Stock Island and Florida’s Lower Keys, and to start planning your Florida Keys getaway, visit www.fla-keys.com/lowerkeys or call 1.800.872.3722

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