2x Dragonfly Energy 100 Amp Hour Lithium-ion Batteries (Heated)

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Meet Dragonfly's 100Ah 12v LiFePO4 deep cycle battery. Packed with industry-leading energy storage technology, the 10012H is the ultimate drop-in replacement for traditional lead acid. Lighter weight, faster charging, and with a 100% depth of discharge rate, these batteries have a lifespan of 3000-5000 cycles. Plus, equipped with internal heating technology, the 10012H heater will activate when the battery's internal temperature reaches 35°F, allowing you to get out into cold temperatures.

These are available exclusively from Keystone RV dealers.

Ends April 30, 2022 at 11:59PM EST

Retail value: $2198.00

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Winner will be notified by an I Heart RVing employee via email and/or phone within five (5) business days of drawing. Giveaway product will be shipped by manufacturer to winner. See full Terms & Conditions for additional giveaway information.

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