Byrna Self-Defense Pepper Kit

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Byrna Non-lethal Products

Bryna Products is disrupting and changing the traditional firearms industry. By aiming to provide civilians, law enforcement officers and security professionals with a safe, reliable and effective non-lethal alternative to traditional firearms, Byrna gives their customers a new way to protect and defend themselves, their families and their community without the need to resort to deadly force. At I Heart RVing, we LOVE what this company is doing - for many reasons! The Byrna SD is the perfect self-defense launcher. It’s solidly built, uses different projectiles like plastic kinetic projectiles, as well as pepper and tear gas projectiles that break on impact. It’s legal in all 50 states without a permit for people over age 18, and it’s not classified as a firearm by the Federal government.

In fact, we took the Byrna SD on our camping trip to Utah to record content and do a full review. We ended up using the Pepper cartridges to shoot an ant hill that was near our campsite. Prior to setting up for dinner, we checked the area and the ants were completely gone. Not the main use case, but it sure worked!

- Up to 300 feet per second (204 MPH) projectile speed

- Improved sights for faster target acquisition

- Straight trigger with a 6.5 lb. trigger pull weight on the second shot and smoother press


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