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  • Tips, tricks, and techniques for all kinds of RVing.
  • Things to do on the road, between the hookups and the highways.
  • The unforgettable experiences that give RVers the life they've always wanted.

I Heart RVing publishes quarterly. Subscribers will receive their first and/or next issue on the following schedule:

  • January/Winter
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Common I Heart RVing FAQ’s

Question: I ordered my I Heart RVing subscription. Why haven’t I received my first issue?

Answer: It should be there soon! Our magazine travels to your mailbox quarterly, so it may take a few weeks to get there. But we think it will be worth the wait. And thanks for subscribing to the best RV magazine in the world!

Question: How can I get assistance with my subscription?

Answer:  Our team would love to help you with your magazine subscription. The best way to contact our team is to click here and let us know how we can help.

Question: I’m having problems with a digital issue. Where can I get help?

Answer: The best way to contact our team about an issue with your digital magazine subscription is to click here and send us a message with how we can help you. We’ll get right to it!

Question: How can I renew my subscription to I Heart RVing magazine?

Answer: We’d love to help you renew your subscription to the best RV magazine in the world (if you ask us)! In fact, good news: You shouldn’t have to do anything to renew your subscription. If you purchased a subscription in the last year, it should renew automatically. If your subscription has expired, then you can click here to purchase a new one.

Question: Why am I receiving invoices or renewal notices for my subscription after I already paid/renewed?

Answer: If you’re receiving notices after already renewing, you shouldn’t be! Please click here and send us a message. Our team will look into it. And thanks for being a subscriber!

Question: How can I change the address or email address of my magazine subscription?

Answer: Thanks so much for subscribing to the best RV magazine on the planet. You can adjust your shipping address at this link.

Question: Can I buy copies of individual issues of I Heart RVing?

Answer: Good news: You can find I Heart RVing Magazine at a growing number of retail locations across the country. Currently we’re in most Barnes and Noble stores, with more coming soon.

Question: How can I submit an editorial question or comment?

Answer: We publish stories on everything to do with RVing, including great RV products, cooking in an RV, campgrounds you should definitely visit, and amazing adventures to have wherever you’re parked. You can reach our spectacular editorial team by emailing them at [email protected]

Question: How do I submit an article or photo to be considered for publication?

Answer: We’re always looking for great stories to include in our magazine. We publish stories about RVing, including products, new RV models, campgrounds and more. If you have a story you think we should cover, you can contact our spectacular editorial team by emailing them at [email protected]

Question: How can I advertise with I Heart RVing?

Answer: I Heart RVing Magazine is the best way to reach the RV market! We offer digital, print, email, and even direct mail options for advertisers. Learn more here.

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