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Kick All the Cooking Outside

IT’S SUMMER, BABY! And while we all love the look of that beautiful tiled backsplash that’s classing up the galley, we can do without the heat of cooking inside. But the truth is, some RVs have a better outdoor kitchen setup than others. Some RVs just live to take the sizzle into the Summer sun. On the next page, we’ll show you the features behind our five favorite outdoor kitchens.

5 Out door RV Kitchens with some sizzle

Because cooking is so hot right now. Let’s be honest. There are a few downsides to cooking in your RV. Suffocating that precious cool air in the cabin? Check. Having the whole RV smell like food? Sometimes not ideal. So, as Summer ratchets up the heat, we prefer to do things the smart way: Fire things up outside. And these five RVs are our favorites to do just that.

OPUS Camper OP4

Comprehensive Tent Cover Because Summer is hot and so is cooking Even the best outdoor RV kitchens can feel a little two-dimensional. Not the OP4. It’s a pop-up camper in every sense with kitchen surfaces and amenities that roll out, prop up, and impress—going three-dimensional to give you extra space to work your culinary magic. And, with its LED exterior lights, cooking after dark has never been easier.

Vertical Spice/Dish Rack

Just another place the OP4 adds space.

Energy-Efficient 12V Fridge

Love that this is top-opening.

4-Burner Stove

Cook multiple things at once like a Top Chef

Sink with Hot Water On-Demand

Rinse stuff off in an instant.

Slide-out Stainless Steel Kitchen with Chopping Board

Really increases your room to maneuver.

ROK OF AGES Ember RV Overland Micro ROK

Our buddy Nate says that having the kitchen outside erases any temptation of just chillin’ in the cabin. The Overland Micro ROK (Rear Outdoor Kitchen) gets that and kicks you outside—like a good mom. Further, its features show a clever mastery of the essentials: cooking space, shade, and cool drinks.

Awesome 8-Foot Awning

Just the right amount of shade for a micro. Plus, the ROK latch covers you while you cook.

Surprising Kitchen Space

The ROK makes cabinets and shelf space priority.

32-Inch 12V Flatscreen Television

Cooking takes time and TV helps pass it.

Griddle vs. Grill

The griddle gives you more cooking surface.

Portable Cooler … I Mean Fridge … I Mean Freezer

Lance 2075 Travel Trailer

In outdoor cooking, we’re often rankled by the absence of counter space. The Lance 2075 solves that by placing the kitchen across the full-width of the 8-foot tailgate, which is covered by an awning.

Fold-Away Stove and Sink

Slide it out. Use it. Slide it back. It locks in.

Slide-Out Ice Chest

A conveniently refrigerated drawer.

Entegra Coach Odyssey 26M

Class As, Bs, and Cs are not known for their outdoor kitchens. But like the mythic (and mischievous) Odysseus, this Odyssey 26M has some tricks up its sleeves (including a Jayco-branded bottle opener on the cooktop drawer).


Who wants to go back inside for a drink? No one.

Capital Grill Cooktop

Big on outdoor flavor. Low on flame.

Quick-Connect Faucet and Collapsible Sink

When you need a sink, nothing else will do.

Tucked-Away 12V Fridge/Freezer

Love this Houdini-level reveal.

2-Burner Cooktop

Multitasking requires multiple burners.

Winnebago EKKO

When you’re ready to get dinner going, just follow the drill: 1) Put it in park; 2) Pop the outdoor kitchen latch open; and 3) Roll out the EKKO’s ultrasweet kitchen suite. The design is clever and involves a lot of sleight of hand with now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t features.




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