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Introducing the first portable water filter cooler in the world!

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The Source H2O—a company helping to bring clean, healthy water to every source in a person’s home—is proud to introduce The Water Vault, the world’s first portable water filter cooler. The cooler’s nano-filtration system removes 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria from any fresh water source, providing protected hydration when people aren’t able to easily access water from a regulated water provider.

“This is the perfect product for people who enjoy camping, hiking, or long excursions into the great outdoors, and don’t have easy access to safe drinking water,” said Miguel Favorel, co-founder of The Source H2O. “Our portable, five-gallon water cooler uses a mechanical filtration process and delivers safe drinking water. It also delivers an extremely high flow rate, which means it’s incredibly easy to drink out of, and the Water Vault’s activated carbon core, derived from coconut shells, reduces chlorine and absorbs other unpleasant tastes and odors.”

Some of the features of the Water Vault include: 

  • The Water Vault’s filters will not produce unfiltered water.
  • It is able to filter and provide safe drinking water from any fresh water source.
  • It helps to eliminate single-use plastic bottles (The Source H2O has a mission to eliminate one TRILLION single-use plastic bottles by 2030)
  • Rechargeable battery power, meaning that there is no pumping or sucking needed.
  • It provides 30psi from an extendable faucet.
  • It is designed in dimensions similar to a case of bottled water, creating new water usage habits for conscientious consumers.

Water Vault’s filters remove disease-causing bacteria and cysts, including E. Coli, Salmonella, Cholera, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. This bacteria removal level meets the US EPA’s requirements for water purifiers and exceeds the requirements for US EPA and NSF 53 cyst reduction. As more and more water passes-through the Water Vault Filters, its filtration membrane fills with particles. Over time, the filter’s flow rate will gradually slow, and eventually shut off completely. The Water Vault filters are essentially self-regulating, but when the water flow is too slow, it’s time to install a new filter!

Learn more about The Source H2O and the company’s products and services at www.thesourceh2o.com.

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