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Prost! Oktoberfest’s Best U.S. Beers

Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria is one of the largest folk festivals to happen annually around the world. Now, even though we’d love to, most of us (outside the Eagle 5) can’t drive to d’Weisn. But take heart! We’ve got a list of the best beers from across this country, so you can celebrate Oktoberfest wherever you park.

Choose from our top five favorites to give your remote celebration the taste of Munich.


Odell Brewing Oktoberfest

Fort Collins, Colorado
6.1% Alcohol by Volume

Brewed with sweet Munich malts and spicy, herbal noble hops, Odell Brewing’s Oktoberfest is a delightful addition to crisp, fall days full of adventure. Grab a six pack and head into the Rockies for a homemade Oktoberfest you’ll remember for years to come.

Bell’s Octoberfest Beer

Kalamazoo, Michigan
5.5% Alcohol by Volume

Bell’s Inspired Brewing® Octoberfest is crafted as a flavorful session beer and spends a full six weeks fermenting. With herbal hop aromas, this amber lager’s lightly toasted malt lends body without the extra sweetness. A true classic, rich in color and a perfect pairing for a breezy, chilly fall day.


Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Brooklyn, New York
5.5% Alcohol by Volume

This take on the classic Märzen lager style is composed of sweet, bready malts and German noble hops, making it the perfect companion for all your fall adventures, whether you’re exploring the city or heading upstate for a more secluded Oktoberfest celebration.

jacks abbey

Jack’s Abby Copper Legend

Farmingham, Massachusetts
5.7% Alcohol by Volume

Celebrate the best of Oktoberfest with this smooth, malty lager. As their website says, Copper Legend is the perfect beer for creating legendary times with legendary people. Drink beer. Be legendary. We can get behind that message.
13 five

Blue Mountain Brewing 13.Five Oktoberfest

Afton, Virginia
6.0% Alcohol by Volume

Named after the Stammürze law, which states that only beers with an original gravity of 13.5 plato can be served at the Munich Oktoberfest, this mixed malt with noble hops is sure to delight. It doesn’t hurt that this brewery is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and its stunning naturescapes. Sit outside at one of their picnic tables to enjoy your brew and take in the stunning Virginia fall.

Paulaner Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany
6.0% Alcohol by Volume

Bring a little bit of Munich to your road abode and celebrate in classic German style with this one. This bottom-fermented Oktoberfest Bier has been brewed at the landmark festival since 1818. With a strong, golden color and a perfect balance of light hops and strong malt, this feast of a beer always goes down easy.

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