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A Rental Checklist

Summer vacations are in full swing! And like many RV owners, you may be thinking about renting out your RV to a family member or friend who’s looking to enjoy the open road. (Heyo, free money!) But don’t rush to send them on their way until you’ve talked through these pain-preventing details.

Find out if your renter has any experience driving an RV. 
Driving an RV is not like driving a car. If they don’t have experience, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker, but they may just need a quick lesson from you first.

If you’re renting a trailer, ask what kind of vehicle and hitch they have. 
Verify that their vehicle and hitch have the capacity to tow your trailer before signing on the dotted line.

Determine how many passengers will be on board. 
Knowing how many people they plan on bringing will help you plan ahead. For example, how many towels and extra linens will you need to provide? You also want to make sure that they don’t overcrowd.

Ask if they are planning on bringing any pets. 
Decide in advance what your pet policy is, and then ask if they plan on bringing Fido along for the ride.

Take a look at their route and where they plan on staying. 
Knowing how many miles they plan on putting on the odometer will give you an idea of the wear and tear that they will be putting on your RV. In addition, consider whether you will be charging a flat fee or by-the-mile.

See if the campsites they are planning on visiting have full hookups.
Many state parks do NOT have RV hookups available, so make sure they are aware of what their campsites have to offer.

Discuss insurance coverage in the event of an accident. 
No one wants to start a trip thinking about the possibility of an accident, but it’s important to have a plan. Check your policy because not all of them would be thrilled about you putting someone else behind the wheel.

Decide on your cancellation policy. 
Will there be a nonrefundable deposit? What if they have to come home early? Know how you want to handle these situations before they arise.

Inform them about their maintenance responsibilities. 
Another unpleasant but critical question. Failure to maintain the sewer system could end up costing you thousands, so it’s important to let them know this is a job they’ll need to perform.

Help them think through mechanical contingency plans. 
Just another great example of why it’s important to know where they are headed. You may be able to identify some trusted mechanics along their route that you can refer them to in the event of a breakdown.

Be clear what you expect them to clean before they return your RV. 
If you don’t tell renters what they need to clean, they probably won’t. Do they need to strip the sheets? Empty the trash? Make your expectations black and white.

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