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Product Review: We Heart This Yeti Cooler

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We love to rough it as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t also want a cold drink after we conquer the nearest mountain. The name Yeti has become synonymous with camping cooler over recent years, and it’s no secret why. Each one of their products is designed with two things in mind: keeping your food cold, and ergonomics. It’s clear these were the two driving factors behind the design of their HOPPER® M20 Backpack Cooler.

You can pack an entire day’s worth of sustenance while you hike, camp, fish, or hide out in a hammock. The hands-free design allows you to stay mobile, while keeping your lunch nice and cool. If you’re interested in the hard hitting facts, this backpack is capable of holding 42 cans of beer—just enough to get you and your fishing buddies through the day.

Ultrastrong magnets keep the cold sealed in, but will stay open when you need them to. The MagShield Access creates a leak proof seal and easily closes with one push. ColdCell Insulation uses closed-cell foam technology to make sure that your favorite sandwich stays fresh, longer.

This backpack cooler can go where other coolers can’t due to its highly durable material. Made from a highly-resistant fabric, it can withstand punctures and UV rays. Added bonus: both the inside and outside of HOPPER backpacks are treated to be mildew resistant. If your backpack gets dirty during your time off the grid, just rinse, wipe it down, and leave it upside down to dry.

girl with yeti hooper M20 backpack cooler
girl with yeti hooper M20 backpack cooler

To put this backpack to the test, Laurie and her family brought it along for one of their recent boat days.

“I love the way the HOPPER Cooler Backpack looks! This backpack does not leak! We were on the boat all day and it kept our ice frozen the entire time. It is extremely heavy duty and was able to fit a ton of stuff. The weight distribution is great for my shoulders because they can get quite heavy when they are packed. We absolutely love the magnetic closure and how easy it is to open and close. Great choice of colors! We definitely recommend this product if you’re in the market for a backpack cooler.”

Available in six colors, Laurie’s family is enjoying the limited edition Alpine Yellow. If you want to customize your backpack further, bottle openers, dry cases and water bottle slings are also available for purchase. If you want to browse Yeti’s full line of coolers for all of life’s adventures, check them out here.

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