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Travel EASY Decks: Never leave home without them

Nothing will ruin a camping trip faster than a soggy site or rocky terrain. If you have ever been roaming in your RV and wished that you had a way to enjoy the great outdoors on a level and/or dry surface, then Travel EASY Decks should be your next purchase. They are designed to be used anywhere. From lakes to mountains, tailgating to concerts, they are the best solution for creating a flat and stable surface for your chairs, tables, coolers, and whatever else you need to create the comfortable outdoor setting that’s right for you.

Easy Decks are lightweight, height-adjustable, and don’t require any tools to assemble. The panels are designed to be added on to, allowing for endless size options. They make things easy by providing three starting sets to choose from, but Easy Decks also understands that you may need a space that is tailored just for you.

  1. The Deck Step: Perfect for those that just want to level that last step exiting the RV.


  3. The Porch Set: Quickly add 32 square feet of usable space to your campsite!


  5. The Patio Set: This kit gives you 48 square feet of smooth walking surface and can be used to create a patio or sidewalk!

Individual panels and deck feet are also available for purchase if you feel the need to truly customize your setup. Developed by avid campers, Easy Decks are designed with both simplicity and comfort in mind. With the easy-to-clean surface, you won’t have to worry about bringing unwanted debris into your RV or car after use. In the spirit of leaving nothing behind but footprints, Travel EASY Decks are raised off the ground, making them extra gentle on the terrain and nearby natural habitats. These are a must have for anyone who likes to camp in all types of conditions.

“Don't let mud, muck, rugged, rocky terrain diminish the enjoyment of your next outdoor event.”

Visit Travel EASY Decks today to purchase!

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