The Water Filter that Keeps Your Vacation Clean

Water. You need it to drink, you need it to cook, and nothing can ruin those two things faster than foul or stagnant water. No matter where you wander, clean water is an absolute must for an enjoyable vacation. Since 2008, CLEAR2O® has made it their mission to provide the best drinking water possible for every home, even those on wheels.

When you book your campsite, you don’t always have control over the path your water takes, but you can control its final destination. CLEAR2O® filters your water immediately before it hits your glass, removing chemicals and particles that can be damaging to your health. Since its inception, this family owned and operated company has never stopped trying to improve their water filtration systems. This means that as a customer, you will have access to the most up to date water filtration technology on the market.

Just this year, they introduced their proprietary One Micron, solid carbon block in a 10”x2.5” universal filter style that will fit all standard canister systems. This filter has been proven to remove heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOC), chlorine, and odor causing contaminants.

Choose from filtered water bottles, pitchers, countertop filtration, whole house filtration and on-the-go RV filtration systems from CLEAR2O® to make sure you have the freshest water possible. Their products are easy to use in your home, RV, or outdoor campsite. Head to their website today to purchase your CLEAR2O® water filtration system before your next adventure!

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