GXV Pangea Model in sunny parking lot

Take the Road by Storm With a Rig From Global Expedition!

Since the 1980s Michael Pelt, the founder of Global Expedition Vehicles, has been dreaming of a way to reduce his dependence on RV parks, all while keeping a high standard of comfort and luxury. After years of RV travel, owning several different models, and learning what it takes to live on the road, he decided to develop a vehicle that truly could stand alone—both in style and function.

What came out of his years of planning are several expedition vehicles to choose from. Global Expedition offers frames that are compatible with pickup truck beds to the megalith Pangea model for when you really want to assert your dominance over standard RVs. All models come with sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and for the smaller models, the option to be painted the same color as your truck. If you’re worried about having enough elbow room on extended trips, you have the option to choose the expandable model, made to extend upwards while parked allowing more room for sleeping, lounging, and enjoying the scenery!

With seven unique base models to start your build, the best way to check for the full list of options is to visit their site. But just for fun, keep scrolling for a taste of what they have to offer.

Model: Turtle  
Length: 12’3’’ - 13’9’’  
Designed for pickup truck chassis

Full specs and options here

Model: Safari Extreme  
Length: 15’ - 16’  
Designed for a Medium-Duty Chassis

Full specs and options here

Model: Pangea  
Length: 17’ - 25’  
Designed for a Medium-Duty Chassis

Full specs and options here

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