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Stay On Track: Wireless Backup Camera from Rohent

Even the most seasoned RVers don’t revel in the process of backing their rig into a tight spot. No one enjoys the guessing game of how much room they have left or whether or not they’re right down the middle. Luckily, that is no longer a process that has to depend on blind luck. There have been great strides in the world of back-up cameras to include RV friendly options!

This wireless back camera from Rohent provides an HD image with 1080P, and a 7 Inch DVR Monitor. You can easily mount this camera on your RV, truck, trailer, and 5th wheel. Once you are up and running, you have the option to record on a continuous loop (default mode), or however you’d like with their manual mode. Remove the stress of blind spots with the 170 degree view!

RV backup cameras have been scientifically proven to reduce family fights by nearly 100% when reaching a campground after a long drive.* Make sure to order now to be set up for your next trip! For a complete list of features and requirements, head to their product page. Until then, peruse the list of features we have included here. Safe travels!

*Not an official study.


  • 2 Video Inputs & Single or Split Screen
  • 7 INCH Monitor with Recording Function
  • 1080P HD Image
  • Upgraded Wireless Backup Camera with 170°Wide View Angle
  • Four Image Flip Options: Normal Facing / Rear Mirror / Mirror Upside Down/Facing Upside Down
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Imported CCD Sensor & 6 Glass Lenses
  • High Compatibility & Reliable Customer Service and 2-year Warranty

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