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Keep Your Four-Legged Family Members Safe On The Road

It only takes 1-2 hours for an RV to reach deadly high temperatures in high heat, and a surprisingly short time to reach freezing temps on a cold day. Each year, hundreds of family pets are harmed by being left alone in an unmonitored vehicle. Don’t let your beloved four-legged family member be one of them.

Although camping is the perfect activity for the family dog (or cat!), there may be times when your pet simply can’t go with you when you venture outside the campground. When those situations arise, it is vital you maintain a safe internal temperature in your RV.

This is when you can trust your Waggle Pet Monitor, designed to monitor your RV‘s temperature and humidity when you’re away. Your monitor comes with a built-in temperature/humidity sensor, does NOT require Wi-Fi, and monitors in real-time. You will also be alerted if your RV loses power and you need to get back pronto. Simply peel and stick this monitor anywhere in your RV or car and get immediate temperature, humidity, and heat index alerts via text or e-mail. Invest in the most trusted RV pet temperature monitor for peace of mind on the road! Check out the full list of features here.

*Please note that a subscription is required for the full feature list.<.p>

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