dog with jiobit device

Keep your four-legged family member safe on the road

No one wants to leave a family member behind on vacation, and that includes those of the non-human variety! As much as we like the companionship, it can be an added stress to lose sight of your pet while you try to enjoy the wilderness.

While leashes are your best defense, we know that it’s not always feasible. This is where Jiobit comes in! This handy gadget clips directly onto your pet’s collar, pairs with your smartphone, and is able to track your pet at any distance.

cat with jiobit tracker

This product is so light that even the grumpiest of cats will be able to handle it. Geofencing can easily be set up so that you know immediately if your pet leaves a trusted area.

jiobit product

Check out their full list of features and then head to their website to learn more today!


  • Smart Tracking, no matter the distance.
  • SOS mode if 911 is needed
  • Live mode with real-time tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Care teams, so you can invite other trusted caretakers
  • Alert button if their human needs help

Keep track of your pet

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