Best composting toilets

Best Composting Toilets

So, you just bought an RV, and you’re looking to customize your space. That’s a good move. Because life on the go means every detail matters, including when you … well … gotta go. And out in the nitty gritty, you’ll want a compostable toilet.

Composting toilets are a great addition to your RV, with some key details that are different from your conventional toilet. A composting toilet uses a dry method and utilizes the natural biological method of composting to treat waste, as opposed to having an external holding tank. Liquids and solids are separated, with solids usually employing a dry mix to keep odor away.

But the major benefit: You can stay off the grid longer with it—and it’s a great way to stay environmentally healthy. Whenever your unit is full, you can either use the waste as fertilizer, or you can dispose of it normally. The minor benefit: There’s no water, so you avoid the kiss of Poseidon.

The only real question that remains is which composting toilet is right for you. Here are our top four favorites (if you’re up for a nugget of advice).

Air Head Dry Composting Toilet

The Complete Package

The Deet Drop

  • Higher capacity gives you more flexibility on when you need to empty it
  • Compact design makes it perfect for an RV space (dimensions: 22” × 19” × 16”)
  • Simple design leads to less breakdowns and easier repairs
  • Easy to clean

Price: $1,059.00, for the complete unit. Learn more.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

The Comfort Zone

The Deet Drop

  • White granite color and stainless steel hardware
  • Compact design makes it easy to fit in your space (dimensions: 19” x 19” x 21”)
  • User friendly, with exceptional reviews
  • Made in the USA

Price: $1,030.00. Learn more.

Porta Potti® 365

The Tight Squeeze

The Deet Drop

  • Affordable price for a tight budget
  • Fits nicely in a tight space (dimensions:16.3” x 15” x 16.8”)
  • Great for tall people, because it’s low to the ground
  • Removable parts make for easy cleaning

Price: $239.99 (on Amazon). Learn more.

Sun-Mar GTG Urine Diverting Toilet

The Familiar Fit

The Deet Drop

  • Similar to a cassette toilet
  • Separate chambers for solid and liquid waste
  • Elongated seat for extra comfort (dimensions are 25” x 21” x 16”)
  • Easy installation

Price: $792.00 (on Amazon). Learn more.

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